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You can only enter the magical world of XLoveCam if you agree to their terms and conditions. But they do not ask for too much. You must be an adult, at least 18 years old and respectful. Everyone who can check all this off is welcome! Pick the language you prefer and you are ready to land on their welcoming page, where the party can start! And what a party this will be!

Free Sex Cams with Drop-Dead Gorgeous Models on XLoveCam!

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The first thing we see is the count of online models. At this moment (the time of this writing), there are 827 active models. 90% of the models are girls. Well, young girls and mature women, from what we can notice. Those 10% of models are men, but never solo cam boys. If you see a dude here, it means that show is actually a couple show. Unlike most free and premium cam sites, where you have separate sections for cam girls, boys and ladyboys, you will not see that here. It seems that mostly girls broadcast on this site. It is a shame because we love all genders and diversity is fun! Maybe they do have all genders, but not special tabs to click on these options? We are still new to this site, and we are not well-acquainted with it. This is what we see first, though – the cam girls here are ravishing. They will definitely inspire you to have a fapping marathon and you will want to do it with every single one of these women! When you hover over a still thumbnail with your cursor, the thumbnail will become animated! You will see a tiny part of that show if the babe is live at the moment. We see some titillating shows and if you want us to be honest, we are already in the mood to get a bit naughty. The site is free, which means you can watch the shows without paying a dime. You can even register here, which is also on the house. Members of the site will be presented with a free VIP video, and these things are so juicy!

Is The Site 100% Free, Or Are There Some Pay Features?

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If you have any experience with cam sites, you know that most of them are not entirely free. Unfortunately, the best parts always cost you credits. And to get credits, you need to pay for them. XLoveCam offers several payment methods. PayPal is one of them, and you will see buttons for digital currency, bank transfer and credit card. The second you register for free, they will inform you that you need to buy credits if you want private shows. Do not worry – private shows are not obligatory. You can watch free shows, but in that case, you will have to share your cam girl with many other fap addicts. Their chatrooms are always laden with fans, and most guys are cheapskates, so they rather choose to share the model instead of going private. But if you can afford it, why not see what a private show looks like? When you buy credits and use them to pay for a private show, that cam girl will only be yours! At least for the next 60 minutes, or whatever duration of the show you choose. A great thing about this site is that they never rebill you. Just because you chose to pay once, they know it does not mean you will want it again. So, you can buy credits feeling carefree. No worrying about rebilling and hidden costs. They are fair. Now, maybe we should mention that not every payment method comes with the same packs. For example, let’s say you want to go with PayPal. This method offers 8 credits for 10€, 20 credits for 25€, 40 credits for 50€ and 81 credits for 100€. It is a bit pricey because you cannot do much with 8 or 20 credits. Even with 81 credits, you have to limit your experiences. Only those that pay for many more credits will get the most out of this site. They are very easy and fast to spend, but they cost a lot of euros. The site gives you some free VIP videos. But there is a catch. You need to choose a payment method first. This also means you will have to give them some of your personal info. They ask for your PayPal email address or credit card details.

A Functional Platform That Looks Very Aesthetically Pleasing

XLoveCam.com Videos

In light of the design and navigation, this site can only be praised! You will probably notice right off the bat that the website looks exceptional. It is modern enough that you like it, and the colors are adequate. The site is predominantly red, and isn’t that the color of passion? The thumbnails are not too large, but they are big enough for us to see how the cam girls look like. A modern feature is the fact that thumbnails are not only stills, but they are tiny previews of the shows. If a model is online at the moment you are too, you will see what that show looks like even without entering the chatroom. Every thumbnail has some details. The ratings, the models’ countries and how many times they were loved by users. Not liked, but loved. Some models have 12 loves, others 6, 20, 8, and so on. If you see a model with fewer loves, it does not mean that her shows are not as good as of models with many loves. Do not let that stop you from checking out someone you like! Above the thumbnails, you will see some links that may come in handy. For instance, you can choose to view only pictures, only videos or read latest news. The left side is where the categories are. It is a very abundant section with so many links! Their kinks and everything you need are categorized in a unique way. This section is very different from most cam sites, but it looks remarkable. For example, you have a bust categorie, where you can choose three different boob sizes. And you have the eye color category, so you can choose various eye colors. No other sex cam site has something like that!

Chat Types, Sex Toy Controllers and Rates

The site has a lot of fap treats, that is something we see instantly! But they do not have promotions and contests, like some other great sites. For instance, you know how on SexedChat.com, there are awards? And many premium cam sites have a section for their awarded models. These are the most successful cam girls, boys and trannies that do webcam modeling, and usually the most charismatic broadcasters. But here they do not have this tab, or anything like it. It would be a cool feature to add, and if they read this review, that is our suggestion! But they do have things we like. For instance, you will see a link for all their chat types. They do not have many different types, like cam to cam or group chat shows. However, here you can choose either free or private shows. That is pretty much it. Maybe it does not seem like much, but at least you will see which shows are free right away. If you do not plan to spend money on this site, it can be very useful. The difference between free and private shows is the visibility. Free shows are always visible and you can open them. Private shows are only for those that pay, and you will see the show after you buy credits. If you do not pay before you open a show, you will just see a window that says that the model is broadcasting in private. What else do they have? There is the sex toy controller link, and here you can choose shows with interactive sex toys. If you have experience with the Lovense toy, you already know how it works. If you do not, basically, this is a toy that the site users can control with tips. You tip and then get to set the toy to be as intense as you want. It is a cool feature, and not all cam sites have it. You can also choose various rates. Some models are more affordable than others. But the most expensive shows are the smallest in number.

They Have Trans Models and Gays, But You Have to Open the Categories

When we started writing this, we told you that we did not see any gay or trans models. But we also said that maybe they did have them, but we just could not find them. Now we know where they are! If you want gays and trannies, you have to open their list of categories! It is a very modest list, with only a few items. This is where you will find your fetishes, though. You can choose matures here, couples, and they have both gay and straight ones. They even have trans couples on cam! This is a section that at first glance does not look like much, honestly. But the more you explore it, the more treats you will dig! Maybe they do not have too many acts and kinks, but they do have things we like. After all, this is where you will find trannies galore and all the gays you need, so not all parts of the site are reserved for cam girls. That shows us these guys want to make everyone happy here. They keep up with the latest trends in the porn world and they put effort into giving us what we deserve. Only the best! Every category will show you a total count of shows. For instance, you will see that they have 440 young women, and 106 matures. They only have 11 lesbians, but that is not bad. They could have none of them, right? At this moment, they do not have male couples, just a link to this type of shows. Maybe in the future, they will have some! And do you know what we like? All types of shows have a total count of models. You will always see how many models do this or that.

They Even Have a Delicious Insta Account and More Social Media!

Before we conclude and say goodbye to this fabulous site (not forever, definitely, just for today), we also want to mention their social media profiles. They have a very nice-looking Instagram account. If you follow them, you will see stunning pics of their hotties. This is a very savory page because you have babes of all body types and age, hair colors and more. Some women on this page are in lingerie and they are breathtaking! The account posts no nudes or any sort of risqué content, but you have to understand that Insta does not support it. We see that they have around 7000 followers, which is a shame because they deserve more. And you already have almost 300 posts! All photos are professional and first-class, and only top-notch photographers take them. These guys also have Facebook, which is so cute and weird at the same time. Facebook is a bit dated, but if you want to see their dreamboats on this app, you can friend them. It is cool how they have all these social media accounts, but as a company, not for every model separately. You can learn things about the company if you want to, you do not just focus on some models you like. And that is pretty much it for today. This is not a big company and they do not have thousands of cam girls, but they do have hundreds of them and everything here is a real treat! The models are eye-catching, the navigation tools are very easy to follow and they take care of their reputation and brand, so thumbs up!

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