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In the porn industry, many have come and gone. Sometimes they come back. They become huge, or never make names for themselves. And just like there are many smut stars and sex webcam models, there are also many sex cam sites. We have free ones, premium ones… Some are mediocre, others are exceptional… But is this diversity a good thing? Well, the more porn they make, the more porn we have! That’s perfect! But it can be confusing and overwhelming as well because you never know where to head to. We can help you with that!

X Cams Is a Small, But Mouthwatering Sex Cam Site with Numerous Knockouts

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Today we will talk about another sex cam site, and it is one of our top recommendations. It is a site called X Cams, and you will like it if you enjoy exploring sites that are not the most mainstream in the biz. To some, this is going to be just another sex cam site that offers smutty shows. One in the sea of many! But to others, it will be a breath of fresh air, and a site you can visit to see some new faces. We should mention straight away and without much ado that this is a site with not as many models as other cam sites have. More mainstream sites (SexedChat, StripChat, Cam Soda, and whichever you like the most) offer thousands of cam girls, boys, and trans models to choose from! But not these folks. On X Cams, you only have a few hundred models, which is not that bad, but spoiled users who are diehard cam site fans are used to a much bigger number. But think of it this way – when a company can only hire a few people, they try hard to find only the best! So, maybe on other cam sites, you can find many models at your disposal, but are they all that good? At least we know that here all the performers are phenomenal! They have mostly cam girls, but you will easily spot a link to the trans page too. It seems that there are no gays on this site, or they only have a few of them. But literally few, like maybe 4 models. Yet, if you want to see a straight male model, you can just choose the link to the couples’ page. It is a pity they do not have more gays. This may be seen as a small con because we love sites with all genders and models of all sexual orientations galore! If they decide to hire (more) gay models and straight solo males in the future, that will be a big plus!

A Very Straightforward Layout That You Will Know How to Navigate

We do not have too much material for this review, to be honest. At least not layout-wise. We are used to cam sites with rich navigation systems. You know, when they have many sections and tabs, and more than one menu. But here you will not be overwhelmed, which can actually be a big advantage of this place. They are also very straightforward. When you come to their main page, you will only see their list of tags, and you do not have too many links and sections to distract you from the models and their shows. The main page is rich with thumbnails, and they are of a perfect size. Not too tiny for you to start looking for your magnifying glass, but small enough so that you see many faces above the fold. The first 5 models you will see are probably newbies. These are new and free shows, and if you want more, scroll down to see who else they have. There is a search bar above the thumbnails, and on its left, you will see the online models count. On the right side, you have some handy tabs. You can open your favorite shows, last chats, and last messages. They also have a link to their help page. If you are not sure about certain details on the site, you can always ask them for guidance. Next to these tabs, you will see their Login button and a button for choosing a language of the site. You can choose one of 6 languages. That is pretty much it when we focus on the site’s design. Together with all the tags, you will also see an add filters button. Here you can explore details like cup size, hair color, the origin of models, and more. It is a cute-looking section, with helpful filters, but not as extravagant as other famous cam sites can boast about.

Choose The Connected Toy Feature and Interact with The Hotties!

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This site comes with its pros and cons, but a thing we love about it is the connected toy type of shows! We remember the days when not many cam sites could afford this feature. The interactive toy option was not a big thing maybe 5 years ago. Only a few cam sites had this tool, and these were the sites that were already big trends on their own. Only a few models could invest in Lovense or other types of sex toys. Even in 2022, not all models have it! But we notice that every cam site today pretty much decides to add this detail sooner or later. Nowadays most sites have Lovense or another brand of toys, and even these guys have connected toy shows! Since only a certain number of models use these toys, to see these shows in particular, you have to choose this filter. On xcams.com, you will find this link next to the one that says add filters. It is right below the ‘’my last messages’’ and ‘’need some help?’’ buttons. Of course, we wanted to check out the models with these toys instantly, so we went to that page before opening any other tag. And it was a pleasant surprise to see they had dozens of girls with this tag! Let’s name a few models, shall we? AdeleJhonson is someone you could check out these days! She is an adorable kawaii-looking model, whose shows are both interactive and HD. She speaks several languages or at least welcomes users who speak English, Spanish and we forgot the third language on the list because she is gone now, and we cannot see her thumbnail anymore. Maybe French? You also have LionVal, and her shows are for those whose weakness is ebony angels. NadiaDomme is for subbies that are in the search for their female top. The more we try to find you tempting models to check out first, the more we see how diverse the page is. You have Asian girls, ebonies, Latinas, blondes, redheads, alt chicks, and probably every type of girl there is!

Create An Account or Access the Site as A Guest

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You can choose to watch the free shows on this site. That is one of the options! No one has to become a member here and they will not force you to pay for anything. They do have models whose shows are entirely free. These are mostly new girls, and this is a smaller number of models on the list. Every month, there are newbies. You should actually check them out even if they are offering you sexy content for free. Why? Because they are fresh meat. They still have to perform for free, but they are not less good than more skilled babes. They are all eager to learn and show you things more experienced models do not agree to anymore. Newbies are always more enthusiastic and ready to get kinkier for their viewers. Additionally, it is nice to give them a pat on the back and make them feel good. Your attention will boost their confidence. This will make them better performers and they will always give you what you deserve, even later when they become huge and have a shit ton of fans. Okay, now that we pointed that out, we also want to mention that you can register on this site. As a member, there will certainly be perks for you! First of all, the first 25 credits you get are gratis. You just have to give them some personal info. There are several payment methods and you can choose the most convenient way to pay, at least convenient for you. Paypal is one of the options, for example. But these folks are discreet and you are safe here, so no worries!

The Hottest Babes at The Moment (And the Cost of Their Shows)

Who are the top-rated sexpots on this site? They do not say who the top-rated babes are, but we can see who the hotties above the fold are! These are probably the most viewed shows. They are promoting msemma167, but maybe because she is brand new. She is a plump model who speaks 4 languages! If you speak Portuguese or Italian, you can comment in her chatroom in one of these languages. Her username might not be eye-catching, but she definitely has charisma and she is enthusiastic to be a part of this project. Maybe she is not skinny but she is fun and her healthy sexuality is addicting! She works with an interactive sex toy and her shows are HD! Because she is new, she is also free at the moment. You will also see LittleSister, KassieOwns, and some other knockouts. KassieOwns is very interesting because she reminds us of Abella Danger. It is something about her hair… But not just hair, her entire face, and colors – she is Abella’s doppelganger. We love it! If she is as good as Abella Danger, you will be sitting in the catbird seat with her! Moreover, we notice that most babes here speak several languages. Maybe not perfectly and fluently, but they understand the users. Most of them also speak French and Spanish. So, if you are a non-English speaker, this will be a breath of fresh air, no? And they are so kind and respectful, easy to collaborate with, and likable. You can approach them with ease and confidence and they will be very friendly. That is the biggest plus here! Lastly, all the shows on the main page cost 5 credits a minute.

Want To Broadcast Yourself? You Are Welcome to Join the Community!

Before we finish the review, let’s say a thing or two about the link you will find at the bottom of the page. It is their Become a Model link, and it is for those who are interested in broadcasting! You will open a site called X Models when you click on this link. Here you will read about all the rules and expectations this company would have of you. You will find info on how much models can earn, what their investments should be, and more answers. This job can be a great opportunity because you get to work from the comfort of your own home. No strict schedules – you choose the working hours. You also choose how much skin you want to show and what kinks you want to try. No special talents or skills are required; you just have to be comfortable in your own body. All you need is a working webcam and maybe to download the software other models use. Plus, you do not have to wait for a salary for an entire month. They pay their models multiple times a month, whenever they need the money. You can also register as a studio, or as a couple. There is some legal info you would have to read, but every job has something like that. A great thing is that their models earn referral bonuses to boot, which is always a buck that comes in handy! You can try, and if you do not like it, you just delete your profile. It would be like it had never even been there! Okay, having said that, now we can go and have a fapping marathon!

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