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A site called Morbo Cams should be the next thing you visit! Sure, it is all in Spanish, but wouldn’t you like to meet some caliente mamacitas? These sultry smoke shows are waiting for you, and they are all impatient to get naughty!

Meet Spanish Hotties on Morbo Cams and Watch Their Sex Shows! Home

This is a sex chat site, like many others, but quite different from the sites we have reviewed so far. Why? First of all, it is a Spanish site, and that is already a big difference. Second of all, the babes you will see here are mostly babes from Spanish-speaking countries, so they bring the Spanish spirit to the table! It is not that you only have ladies here. No, you have all genders, and you even have couples if you like couple shows. But most shows here are cam girl shows, and they are all steamy as hell! Just like on most sites, you have free and private shows, but we will actually talk about that a bit later. The site has a lot of sections, so give us a minute to explore them all. Where to even begin? The page you will land on is the page with models who are destacadas. This means highlighted, or probably the most viewed and popular shows. Many names here are Spanish names, but we also see some English monikers. Most models come from Spain, but we also see some German girls, and hotties from Paraguay! So yeah, if you have all that, that is probably just the tip of the iceberg. There is something for everyone here. Now, the site looks different from sites like StripChat, SexedChat, LiveJasmin, and so on. Still, you will probably know how to navigate it. Sure, everything is in Spanish, but there are apps for that. Why not just use the Google Translate feature and make the site all in English? Maybe you will get some incorrect translations, but you will know where to head to. If anything, the thumbnails will show you who to pick. It is also very easy to find the register button!

Free Registration and Not So Free Credits Register

If you want to see some sexy cams and meet some super-hot and drop-dead gorgeous Spanish señoritas, you can just become a member of this site for free. Seriously, they do not even ask for your credit card info – you just come here and register and start watching the shows. As a free member without an account, you cannot do much on Morbo Cams. But as a free member with an account, you will have more perks. Of course, the most perks and the best ones are reserved for those who want to buy credits. At this moment, they are offering 40000 tokens for less than 40 euros! Seriously, 40000? That seems, like, a lot! But okay, this is a European site and it is immediately different from American cam sites. Now, what can you do for 40000 tokens here? When you do choose to buy your first tokens or credits, the site will give you 1000 free ones. And if you want to buy more, 1000 credits here are 2 euros. For 5 euros, you can get yourself 4000 credits, and the best deal is those 40000 credits for only 40 euros. Of course, this is for serious spenders or just serious fap addicts, who like cam porn more than life itself. But let’s see what 1000 credits do here, shall we? First of all, you can tip the babes, of course, and you have several buttons to choose the sum you want to surprise them with. What we want to know is if users can play with interactive sex toys with 1000 credits? And how much? Yes, you can tease the babe with 1000 credits. But even if you spend all these tokens, you will only have a few seconds of toying. So, you can just show the models you are here, but you are not the one who can make them climax with this many tokens.

A Chatroom on This Site Looks Cool and Rich Chatroom

Every chatroom here looks very cool. There are just so many details and links, and you can read about the models and check out their content. Of course, everything is in Spanish, so only if you know this language can you actually learn about the babes. You have some stats and their preferences, but you can also read about their inspirations and motivational quotes, some very cool stuff. Everything looks girly and cute, and you will always see how many users you get to share the model with. This is a very popular site, did you know it? Every chatroom is crowded so there are always so many users with you! And they all like to participate and be generous, so it is hard to compete with some of them. Now, you can use 500 tokens to spy on private shows. But that is only for a few seconds. What we always hate on these live sex chat sites are the insane prices. So, the tokens add up quickly, and you are never enough of the show! You have to keep paying to see more or pay insanely large sums of money in advance just to see what you want to see. Sure, you can watch many shows for free, but honestly? You will never see the exposed breasts and private parts in free chatrooms. Private chatrooms are where the real party starts! But at least all the emojis are free! A tiny minus on this site is that the chatrooms do not have gifts. You know how SexedChat has them? You can send roses, cocktails, chocolates, and other cool stickers like that. But here you can just tip and send emojis, or tip the models to use the interactive toy. That is all. And not even all models have these interactive toys, so mostly you just have tips and emojis. Emojis are not even details you have to pay for, and you can send them as much as you want, just like the messages! Oh, no, wait! You actually have to pay for the emojis and messages. That kind of sucks, but okay, babes gotta earn their coins!

Special Events and Some Prizes! Or… Prices?

Once you open a chatroom here, it will follow you wherever you go! We just wanted to check out this event page and the tiny show window kept going on even when we left the model’s profile page. It was pretty cool! Basically, you can check out everything here while still enjoying your show! But you will not see the comments if you open another page, just the babe’s activities. The comments are not important anyway – the babes and the nudity are what we want! So, let’s talk about this page with events. It is not a very rich page, and you do not have too many details here. But we do see there are prizes on this site. Does this mean that the babes get awards when they are exceptional? Maybe there are not really the prizes… No, wait! Now that we get to take a closer look, we actually see that this is a calendar of events. Okay, that makes more sense. After all, the page is called Events, no? So, here you will see the upcoming shows and the prices. Now, we have to say that these prices are not always low! Seriously, some shows here cost 150 bucks to enter, let alone tip the babes! But it seems that these babes who are more expensive are actually their top models or something. The three top models cost significantly more, but some babes from this list have shows of 30 bucks. And 20! The priciest is a model Cachondosxxl. Let’s see who this baddie is! You can use the search bar to check out certain usernames. And hey, this is actually a couple! But unfortunately, they are offline at the moment. We do see their info, though. They have been doing this for a year, and they have so many followers! And yeap, their rating is 100%, so these folks mean business! We wanted to check out other expensive shows, but the three most expensive models were offline at that moment. But okay, we can assume they are spectacular. After all, to be top-rated, you really need to slay!

There Actually Are Prizes Too, And Only the Best Models Can Win! Prizes

If you go to a tab called Premios, which means prizes, here you will see awards and the best models. What does it mean to be the most prominent here? You must have the most followers and the highest ratings. We do not know which is more important, but we see some insane stats when we come to this page. There are actually several sections here. The most followers, the highest ratings, and we do not understand the last section at all. But sure, you get the whole picture, right? This is where you will see who is the most popular and searched for. At this moment, a model called Glossss has the most followers. She is a breath of fresh air because she speaks both Spanish and English! She comes from Spain, looks lovely and she has been doing this for 6 years! Glossss never reveals her face, which makes her even sexier. She is mysterious and even in her pictures, you never get to see her face. That is cool. Not every model likes public attention. Some of them prefer to stay incognito and never get recognized in their hometowns. We do see that she has very sexy lips, though. And she is a brunette, but almost all Spanish babes are. She gets tipped every second, which probably makes her THE or one of the most successful cam girls here! She has a very sexy voice too, but you be the judge of that. Everyone likes something different. Her photos show us that she is very proud of her booty! It is always the center of attention and she likes to flaunt it. Even when she performs on this site, the booty always steals the show!

The Whole Site Is a Big Yes!

We tried to explore as many options as possible. We used our tokens, met some models, and sent them messages… And we checked out the pages of events and awards. All corners here are amazing! The site may be in Spanish, but we all speak that one universal language… the language of sex! So, no, you do not have to know Spanish to enjoy this site. The models are so beautiful, and you have pages with trannies, gays, and couples – do not forget about that! The best models sure are a delight, especially Glossss, who has the biggest number of fans. She never shows us her face, but maybe that makes people go crazy! And the prices are okay. Sure, the tokens add up insanely quickly, but if you are a regular user, who only watches these shows for maybe 10-20 minutes a day, you do not even need more than 2000-20000 tokens, right? That 40000-token package? That is for a serious level of cam porn worshiping! Everything else here works perfectly too. Some models are very profound and they quote famous writers and poets, which is wow! You will probably fall in love with the babes, but you cannot choose the ethnicity by category. You just see the ethnicity on the thumbnail or a model’s profile page, and that is how you choose it. Is that a tiny flaw? Some may think of it like that. But to us, this site is perfect. Can they be better? Sure, every site can always do things to improve itself. But are they already awesome? Absolutely! And we are a big fan of Spanish goddesses! So, who will you watch after this review? Glossss? Cachondosxxl? Let's see who is online!

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