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DX Live... XXX cam girls... From Japan... Looking exotic and eye-catching... Waiting for you... Whenever you are in the need of some good sex shows! Are you ready for a new delicious smutty review? And you know what we do here! This is not going to be some family-friendly review without any dirt. No sir!

Who’s Up for Some Steamy Sex Cams on DX Live?

DXLive Home

Only if you are an adult and a serious cam pornophile are you invited to read these 2000 words on a Japanese sex cam site called DX Live. It is time for kids to go to bed, for you to grab that lube of yours and tell your beautiful spouse that you have work to do! They do not need to know what you are actually going to be doing. Let this review and site be your dirty little secret because these things make it even sexier! So, what can you find on this free live sex cam site? They promise us 49791 babes registered, which is quite an insane number! Out of these almost 50000 chicks, we see that as of this writing, there are only 56 babes online! OK, that is a bit weird. That is, like, only 0.1% of babes. Why are so many cam girls offline? And are there really that many girls registered? We cannot really tell because we do not get to see all the thumbnails, just the ones of online babes. The cam girls we do see, though, are magical. Predominantly, there are Asian chicks here, but we also see some Caucasian babes. Now, the site looks like it was slapped together maybe by a few amateurs. That, or just by some dudes who did not care about the design and the layout. On the whole, it really looks different from any other sex cam site out there. The organization is completely different, so you do not get that familiar layout you are used to. The site also looks outdated, and they could really use some animations to modernize it a bit. The background is black, the letters are white and tiny... It is not very easy on the eyes, to be honest. But at least the models are!

They Have Marks That Tell You What Kind of Show You Are Watching!

Above the thumbnails, you have all the marks explained. There is a tiny heart that changes colors from pink to green. If you see this heart on a thumbnail, it means that a cam girl is a newbie. It seems that they only count the babes who have been here for up to five days as newbies. Six days here already means you are old news. At least we conclude so, based on what it says in the brackets (5 days). At this moment, there are many newbies. 50% of cam girls on the landing page seem to be new because they have the pink-green heart mark. The second mark is another tiny heart. It resembles that pink-green heart, but this one is just green, without changing colors. Babes marked with this just green heart are also new, but up to 2 months new. You also have marks that show you if a cam girl is Japanese, if she speaks English, uses a remote toy, or maybe a double remote toy, and you can see the number of members in a chatroom. It all looks girly and super-cute, so maybe a lady designed this site? You know, with all the hearts and adorable marks. But we think that a girl would choose different colors for the design. Maybe not. Let’s not generalize and get back to the cam girls! None of the models who are online at the moment have all the marks. They either speak English, or are Japanese. They are either new or they use double toys. Only a few cam girls here have more than two marks, and we plan to talk about these babes in the next paragraph! When you reach the bottom of the page, which will happen very fast because there are only a few online models, you will see an ad that says that Sakura Live is hiring new cam girls. Does this mean that this site is connected to Sakura Live? Maybe they belong to the same network or something. But you also have a Sakura Live review on our site, so check it out!

Search Your Dream Girl and Become a Member!

DXLive Search

There are several handy tabs on the site. Home, Search, First Time, How To, FAQ, and Join. It is actually a bit boring layout, but sure, why not check it all out? The search engine here is very advanced. You do not just get to type a username or a tag – you have filters! The name of a cam girl, her age range, bust size, language, and some more filters. Maybe you want to search for girls who are online now, new or have remote toys. You do not have to be a member of the site to use this advanced search tool. Guests are also allowed to use it and you actually can use most site’s features as just a guest. When we used these search filters as guests, we wanted to see cam girls of 18-30, busty and with remote toys. We got many results! We did not choose to see models online now, so the site gave us a list of 726 models! Most of them chose to hide their location, so we do not know where all these cam girls come from. But we see most of them are Asian. The tabs First Time, How To, and FAQ are very boring, but they are incredibly helpful. Here you will learn all about the points, payment deals, rules, and features of the site. Do you know that you cannot chat with girls here unless you buy points? Guests may open the shows and use the search filters, but they cannot chat and go private. Only paying members can. You do not need much to become a member. Just your email and a password that they accept. When you give them this info, you become a member in seconds! And as a member, you get some perks. As a guest, you can see some free shows, but you will not be able to open all the shows you may want.

Chatrooms Do Not Look Too Fancy, But They Do the Work

DXLive Chatroom

We may be used to sites like StripChat, Chaturbate, My Free Cams, SexedChat, X Love Cam, and other ones we are in love with, so when we see a chatroom on this site, we are a bit underwhelmed. It does not have many details and items, which we do not know if is a plus or a minus. Honestly, the size of the show window is not as large as we would like it to be. There are no buttons for games or gifts, and we do not have stickers like on many other sites. It is a bummer. Here you only have a few elements and an insanely large button to buy points. When we tried to open some shows, we couldn’t. We managed to open some. This is because we first used the site as guests. But we didn’t want to jump to becoming a member before seeing all the features for the guests. Now, the models are definitely shy compared to cam girls on non-Asian sites. They are mostly fully clothed and some of them even wear masks! It takes a lot of time and points to actually see a cam girl topless or just in her lingerie. When you open a chatroom, you open a new tab. Every time you open something here, you actually open a new tab. If you click on 5 different things, you will have 5 different tabs of this site on your screen! Even when you click on the chat feature, you do not stay on the same page. You can either chat or watch the babe... do whatever she is doing. Which is not much most of the time. At least not for guests. What do the babes do? They sit in their chairs, they are in bed, in kitchens, playing with phones, or just waiting for your messages, doing nothing. But if your fetish is just watching girls do mundane things, you will love it!

They Also Have a Section Called Girls Ranking!

And it is updated daily! Every day, you see new favorite girls of you and other members. You have favorite girls in general and favorite newbies. So, two top 5 lists to play with. Who are all the favorite girls at the moment? xHARUchan, SAKURAxq, ruru888, MaixxQ, and xoMIYAxo. We can all agree that these usernames are pretty weird and impossible to remember. So, if you want to check out these models, just copy these usernames and save them somewhere. And use the site’s search engine to find them. We wanted to see the shows of these Japanese cam girls, but none of them was online at the time we were. We can only tell you they have very friendly and angelic faces. They seem sweet, amiable, and open to making new friends. And wowza! The top one babe at the moment is 35+! Wait, what? She looks like 20 in this picture we can see! WTF?! That chick is so damn youthful! But that shouldn’t be shocking at all because we all know how youthful Asian women are. And who are the top five newbies? Let’s see some more weird usernames! RinaQ333, KANAEuu, MAIcx, HINATA910, and Hinacham. But you know what? These usernames are more relatable and easier to approach. At least they are not called fierygoddess, temptingtrouble, sweetbuthornyangel, or anything like that. It is more natural and you do not think of them as some professional models. You actually think of these girls as your potential new friends or distant lovers. And who knows? Maybe many of them are here because they do want to find a cyber f-bud or someone to chat with when they are lonely or just bored. It is not always just work for these cuties!

Hard Work... It Is Only for The Ugly!

At least this is the motto of Sakura Live! This is how they attract the models. They say that hard work is only for ugly people, so if you are pretty, you are welcome to join this community of live sex models! This means DX Live, Sakura Live, and whatever site belongs to these folks! So, if you are interested in broadcasting and maybe earning thousands of dollars weekly without even leaving your bedroom, you can apply! And you know what? We do admit that all the cam girls we found on this site were smoke shows. Not a single lass here is an ugly fuck, even the ones who are MILFs! But that can be because even their MILFs look like they are teens! Insane, no? On the whole, this site is exciting and you should give it a go. It is not big and impressive feature-wise, but you do get pretty Japanese women ready to party! With you! And many other users who are fap addicts, just like you. We are just wondering what has happened with all those models... When they say the site has 50000 registered girls, but only 50 of them are online, and 20 are in sessions... That is a bit weird, no? Where are the other 49950 girls? We sure want to know! But all in all, the site is sexy and a great way to meet some lovely Japanese chicks. It is very easy to use and it is not expensive. At least not if you do not plan to spend fortunes here every day, which you can because 170 points cost 300 bucks! But you also have 25 points for 50 bucks, and that also does the work.

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