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Every gay cam porn lover out there deserves a site that will give them what they like! And in 2022, you have some good options, do you know it? One of them is X Love Gay! Have you ever been to this site? Only if the answer is no can we understand if you are still not a big fan!

X Love Gay Is a Site for Sore Eyes for Every Gay Cam Porn Lover (Pun Intended)!

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But if you have been to this site, you probably know how much it is worth your while! The site is a beautiful repository of all the gay fap treats that you need! You have gays of all ethnic groups here, and some come with wigs! It is a great place to meet a lot of friendly faces and maybe even find your virtual f-bud! The cam boys here are different, authentic, inspiring, and professional and they will always do everything they know to help you unwind. There are no pages of models, but just one endless page. If you want to see all of them, you have to scroll and scroll until you reach the bottom. Now, if you want to see the bottom so that you can read what it says there, this is going to be very annoying for you because you cannot do that! No matter how much you scroll and scroll, it seems that it is never over! It is actually terrible for models who are near the bottom here because how does anyone notice them? Also, we have to mention that the site’s organization and design are not top-notch. We will deal with it in a second, but now we want to say that we are not impressed with how they organized the content. The layout is not familiar because they placed all their links and tabs in an unusual way. But you have a new and old version of the site. This means you can choose two different designs to check out. We do not know which one is better, but maybe the old version is slightly better organized.

Two Site’s Versions, But It Seems That Only the Colors Are Different?

XLoveGay.com Old Version

When we check both versions of X Love Gay, we notice that only the colors here are different. And the fonts, so the older version has tinier letters, but that seems about it. Do you prefer baby blue or mostly gray design? It all depends on what your eyes like. But how the shows are organized is the same. The models you see first on the blue site are the same ones you see first on the gray site! That is the same, and they both have a search box right under the logo. And then you have all their categories. These are not really categories like on other sex cam sites. You will see the link for all models, your favorite models, and then you have lists of various types of shows or models. For instance, let’s say you like Arab gays. You can choose them by first clicking on the ethnic group, and then you get a list of ethnicities. Arab, Asian, Black, White, and Latin – this is what they have! Cool, all you have to do is decide which gay hotties are the most flaming hot! But since this is a small site, it can happen that you see 0 online models for a category you choose. At this moment, only 3 Latin models are not offline, but everyone else seems to be away. If you like to play with filters, you also have body type and hair color categories, and you can choose by sex parts and rates. They also have actions panel, but with only 3 types of shows – virtual gift, live action, and interactive sex toy. If you want to see a cam show preview, you have to create an account. Let’s talk about doing that in the next paragraph, shall we? You have to know how being a guest here and having an account works.

You Can Watch Shows as A Guest, Or Become a Member

XLoveGay.com Join

Just like on most free sex cam sites, the site is free because you can register here without paying. It is also free because you can just be a guest and watch shows on the house. But being a guest here only offers you a limited experience. What’s cool about being a free user is that you can send messages to models without paying for them first. This is not as common as it should be because most sites charge for messages! So, chatting is something both guests and members can do without limits. Guests also get to watch free shows, and you always have some free shows when you come to the site. Maybe the models are always fully clothed during these free shows, but at least you can get to know them. Some models are very chatty and they will try hard to make you feel special. This is because they want you to come back and book a private show with them. Others, and these are probably the most popular cam boys, will not try too hard to make you come back because they already have their loyal fans. But regardless of that, all models are friendly and nice to hang out with. We watched EvansAndrade broadcast, and he was a delight! Such a lovely boy and he has a smile to die for! He is chill and sexy, and we sent him a few messages to get to know him a bit. Now, what happens when you become a member of the site? You have more options than just sending messages! Chatrooms have several buttons. For example, the one you can click on to send a gift to your favorite model. Only registered users can send gifts, but this motivates the models to be even better! It is understandable that, at one point, you will probably want to buy some credits to treat the models and get the most out of this site. You have several payment methods and you can choose how many credits you want to buy. Once you actually buy them, you will get some free VIP videos as a bonus! They are not really free because you have to give money for credits to get these videos, but they do not cost extra, so that is a good thing.

Whose Boners Are Online at This Very Moment?

Not many cam boys are online at this moment, as we are writing this text. So, why not mention all of them? There are ten boys available for free shows, which is cool! When we started this text, there were only six of them! EvansAndrade, JacobVelasquez, AxxelFrost, ArmoredKnight, who has a very cool username, we have to admit. Then you have DeryckStone, KentMayers, CarlosMontana, Monti69, SolaPolo, and a couple called XTianAndJacob. They are actually private, so only those who have credits on their profiles can watch this steamy show! ElyassDick is the model that piques our interest the most because this is actually a trans model. They do not have a section for cam girls and cam trannies here, so you only have gays. Not even straight dudes are an option, and this means that the site is entirely dedicated to cam gays! But it is cool they have at least one tranny. This model wears a wig often and it is a long blond one. We think this tranny is also into cosplay because of the photos we see on this profile! When a model is offline, you can see their profile. Even though the design is a bit dated, you actually have all the details you have on sites that are more modern, like SexedChat, StripChat, LiveJasmin, and so on. So, each profile, or chatroom, contains these sections – the info on the model, bonus stuff, pictures, videos, schedule, comments, and messages. So far, we love it! You have details here that not all sites remember to include. Now, as for the model’s info, you mostly have stats. No bios and descriptions, but stats are very detailed and they can tell you a lot. You always see what the model is interested in and what languages they speak. And you get how all other sections are helpful, right? With schedules, you always know when you should come online to watch your favorite boy perform. Also, you see their latest logins.

A Very Affordable Site with Row After Row of Irresistible Tempters

You know what is a big plus here? Maybe they do not have tons of cam gays live all the time, but they do have many of them and they are all affordable! You just have to see their schedules to know when they will be live, but know that they are very modest. On LiveJasmin and some other sites, you know how some shows are over 10 bucks per minute? Well, here the most expensive shows are more than two bucks per minute! That is drastically cheaper than on other sites! The boys are so lovable, but they never ask for too much. And even tipping does not have to be insane. You do not have packages of credits of 100 bucks and more, where you only get, like, 80 credits, which get spent quickly. This is a very cheap site, but it does not mean the quality is low. You have HD shows and VIP videos of great quality! The models are nothing less professional or trained compared to the ones on LiveJasmin and other sites. When you think about it, it is a great bargain! You get pretty much what all other like sites give you, just for a much lower price! And we all know these shows are great because sometimes we are sick of recorded porn. We need something live and interactions with these divas and divos! Even if you are a broke-ass fap addict, here you can get what you need. The biggest cons of cam sites are always the prices, and we know it. So, should we say this is a big plus? The fact that these guys are so reasonably priced is definitely a big yes for them!

All The Pros and All the Cons of This Place!

They may not have too many available cam shows all the time, but they do have very likable models. No girls and trans babes, or straight guys, but you have a site where gay men will be very pleased with cam gays and one tranny. You get free viewings here, and even the shows that cost money are inexpensive. Sure, the best stuff is pricier than everything else, but no one forces you to spend time on that best part of the site if you do not have money to spare! The site has shows with interactive sex toys and VIP videos, but they do not have too many categories. Most shows are not HD cams, but you do have some high-quality content here. Lastly, the interface of this site is outdated, but at least nothing is hard to find. Okay, now you have a list of both pros and cons. Which things do you look for when you are searching for a perfect cam porn site? We hope this helps you decide if this site should be your new bookmark! Having said all that, here is what we think – this site is small and delicious, and definitely worth checking out. It gives you that amateurish feel, but at least you know the models are genuine with you. When cam sites are too big and commercialized, you get robots, and not humans! Just kidding, but the smaller a site is, the better connections with the models you can have. And these cam gays are always happy to meet someone new and make friends and, who knows? Maybe even lovers. Are you in? We know you will love this tiny gay paradise!

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