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What time is it, friends? It is time for a new steamy review! And today we are inspired to talk about a site called Camster! This is another exquisite sex cam site, and you deserve to know of it! When you do learn everything about it, you will probably decide to visit it. It is a great free sex cam site.

Camster Is for Porn Connoisseurs That Like Live Sex and Gorgeous Ladies Home

There are hundreds of models here, both female and male. We are not sure if they have shemales too, considering we do not see the section for them right away, and they are not listed in the categories. But even if they do not have trans models, we will tell you what they do have – a lot of navigation tools! From what we can see, our first impression of this site is very positive! There are so many tabs here, and the menu bar is bountiful! With so many tabs and dropdown menus, you will not even know where to head to first! Most sites do not have all these pages and sections. So, here is an honest opinion – this is a site you must check out! We see they have a lot of categories, and the shows are mostly high-quality and crisp, the models are stunning, etc. Everything here is top-notch! You can even search by name and use their search bar to find literally anything! At this moment, the trending videos are about pregnant models, and the ones that use a strap-on. This is a bit weird, but we like weird. The top searches here are Arabian, free, anal, Indian, squirt, Indonesia, Milf, ebony, BBW, and Lesbian. Okay, it is different from what is popular on other sites, such as CamSoda, TheVipCams, or something similar, where people mostly search for big tits and Latinas. But like we said, weird is good, and different is good too. Why should all sites be the same? So, Camster is definitely a unique cam site! It does not take a detective’s eye to see it.

They Do Have Trans Cams, And Many Other Great Tabs!

At first, we did not find trans models. But when we started digging, we found this page too! They do not just have trans models, but these trannies are perfect! Yuki Eastwood, Nikiita Red, Alejandra fox, Finlay – these are all their trans ladies, and they are superb! First-class dames, elegant and very sophisticated. But we can say that for girls and guys too. Every section here screams elegance and class, and this is no site for just anyone! Crème de la crème of the porn world can come here to find stuff they like the most. The design of this site is very elegant and functional. They have numerous navigation tools, but nothing here is too much. Everything is animated with style and there are no cheap ads and redundant links. Just what you need! So, we can say that the site is clean and well-organized, even though they gave us too many options! You can even choose the models’ language, and you have 11 options! English is listed first, but you also have languages like Russian and Japanese. Dope, no? You have almost countless room types here, and we will talk about them in a minute, we promise. Before that, we have to mention that even if you choose male cams here, you have hundreds of models! So, it is not like most sites, where gays are very rare. Here you have gays and straight men, and hundreds of male models to choose from! But here is the best part – girls, trannies, and guys all have a plethora of categories! We are talking dozens of them! Things like uncut penis, big dick, big tits, blowjob, anal sex, squirt, two guys, training, tickling, and pretty much everything you can think of. That tells us one thing – these guys aim for spoiling us! If they continue with this work, they sure will! But being spoiled is so good!

Check Out the Tab Profiles to Find Delicious Dirt

We said that they have dropdown menus here. Every tab has a dropdown menu, and so is the case with Profiles. But what can you find here? So many things! For instance, here they hide their top 20 models! At this moment, the top 20 girls are Eva Sin, who says she is 99% angel and 1% not, but that 1% is too powerful! Right behind her are Ella Claire, Nikki crystal, Gina Mence, Ariel Harllow, Sophia Moore, and other enthrallingly beautiful girls. Honestly, how did they even manage to choose the best 20? You do not know which girl is more exquisite! They are luscious, voluptuous, tanned and so attractive! These girls probably take care of themselves and eat all the right nutrients because they look very healthy, fit and yummy! And the male models are also top-notch and nothing less than that! They have top 20 lists for all genders, and these three lists are separate. Here you will also find all the newbies, schedules, and they have something called the Flirt of the Month. Prepare for this because it is perfect – Flirt of the Month is the hottest model for that month! For June, they chose Ella Claire, and Eva Sin is right behind her. In May, it was Eva Sin who was number one, and Ella Claire was her runner-up. If you want to know who trans and gay Flirts are and were in the past, check out the sections for trans and gay models. It is maybe the best page on the whole site because here you will learn who the best and hottest model is. There is a reason why these models are chosen to be the most. The elite of the site, the ones with the steamiest shows. They either do something special when they broadcast, or they are special and sexier than others. We do not know, but to be the best, you must be extraordinary. Especially here, where every model is perfect. They also have the Flirt of the Year page, and here the best model for a whole year wins! As a winner, that model receives extra 2000 bucks! So, they get their salary, and these 2000 dollars is a nice bonus. The top 10 models receive prizes, and even the 10th model on the list gets to earn 500 bucks more. They are so generous!

What Is Their Hall of Fame? Hall Of Fame

The more we explore this site, the more we like it! Apart from the Flirt of the Month and year, and all the other great features, this place has its very own Hall of Fame! We do not know what it really is, but we will tell you what we see. You have models here and these are the most famous models but based on certain characteristics. For instance, the first thing we see is Mia Smiths and her most distinct users. So, apparently, this model had the most distinct users in May 2022. Flirt babes had 115 most simultaneous users in group chats, and Eva Sin had the most distinct spenders. Some years here are 2020 and before that, but we do not know what all these titles mean. We definitely see that Eva Sin is a badass here, a serious player with many accolades and awards. She is not just the Flirt of the Month and year often, but she is very dedicated to this job. She is a gorgeous lady that is magnetic and irresistible, and we checked out her show! Yes, people love her for a reason! She is very devoted to her fans and she does all sorts of sexy things for the views. When you open any chatroom here, it is as rich as the main page! You will easily find tokens, stickers, and gifts for the models… Every chatroom contains info on the models, and their photos, maybe even clips sometimes. Eva Sin has excellent photos and we see she is a dreamboat! Dark-haired, brown-eyed, and with sensuously full lips – Eva Sin probably enchants every man in the world! We learned some cool things about her – she loves watching sunsets and her morning cappuccino. When she connects, she connects with her soul. Maybe this is why she is always so popular and one of the top-rated cam girls on this site. She is deep, ravishing and always ready to put on the best show!

Be A Free User or A VIP Badass! Vip

This is a free cam site, which means you can watch shows without paying for the site’s membership. If you need models to go private with you, or you just want to reward them for giving you what you need, you will need to buy credits. With these credits, you get to tip the babes and enjoy all the perks. As a free user, you cannot use all the site’s features. Also, only members get the best things here. But even if you register for free, you get 120 first credits without paying for them! With this many credits, you can actually test the site and do a lot. If you like what you see, you will come back for more. You can pay by Paypal or you have many other options. Having said all that, let’s talk about the VIP pass now! Yes, this site also offers a monthly membership. If you do not just want credits, but you need more – go VIP! It actually only costs 40 bucks a month, and you get their exclusive models and videos. The private messaging will be enhanced for you, you will have 200 free videos a day… Well, not really free, but as a VIP member, you do not have to pay extra for them. You will also get free hour-long feature shows. And to explore this VIP page even further, go to their VIP tab. You will easily find it and here you have it all!

Some Extra Stuff That Only These Guys Have! Extra

Before we finish, we just want to say that these guys even have tabs and pages that other websites of this kind forget! For instance, you can go to Schedules to see the whole calendar. This is how you will know which model performs when. They also have a blog, and here you can read about their latest trends. The trends in the cam porn world, maybe something about certain models… The blog is informative, trendy, and well-put-together. You have topics galore and everything is easy to navigate. The site also works great on phones and other small devices. Their SEO optimization is perfect! There are tabs here for dating and sex games to boot! Like everything else is not enough, they also decided to give us that! They are connected to Adult Friend Finder and they have a sex game called Game Bater. What can we say? Both things are phenomenal! If you like porn games and sex dating sites, you will probably appreciate these tabs a fair amount. And let’s mention a thing or two about the chatroom types. They have at least 10 different chat types, and some of them are party chat, interactive sex toy, and 2-way interactive. So, what are you drawn to the most? If you choose this 2-way chat, you can let your favorite model see you too. The interactive sex toy is self-explanatory. Basically, you control the toy by tipping, and you can help the models orgasm hard. Group chats are the most numerous, and party chats are probably the most exciting here! As you can see, this site is created by professionals and everything here screams top-tier quality! The models, the navigation tools, the VIP section – everything is worthy of kings! This is one of the best cam sites you can find on the web, and we say that because we know a lot of them! If you check out this site, you will probably decide to bookmark it and visit it again.

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