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What can we say about BongaCams? Where to even begin? It is a top-notch free sex cam site with so many treats! So many people already know about it, and if you still do not, today you will learn everything you should. The site has so many features and tabs and links to check out, but maybe we should start with the models. The first thing to point out is that this is a cam site with not as many models as other free sex cam sites ( When you compare it to Chaturbate, StripChat, and other similar sites, you will see that their selection of cam girls and boys is more limited. They have over a thousand cam girls, hundred and something couples, and only 98 cam boys. Add 97 shemale models to the list, and you get all their stars. These numbers keep changing, but not too much. Maybe sometimes you will see over 100 trans models and 150 couples. It is not bad unless other cam sites have spoiled you already. And what is a must-know fact, the girls, boys, t-girls, and couples you will see here are extraordinary. They look fantastic, are professional, and all of them are willing to try all sorts of kinks.

BongaCams is a free sex cam site with mesmerizing models galore!

No matter when you land on the main page, you will always see many live models at that moment. Let's tell you who we see now! Lynx, EvieRose, and blow2job_lat are the first three models on the list! All their thumbnails look juicy and enticing, and we see their tags. For instance, EvieRose's is an HD show, and she is into seduction and creampies. Over 500 users are in her chatroom at the moment, and she is bra-clad only. We can see that EvieRose is petite, 24, and bisexual. What turns her on? She is into men that care about her orgasms and pleasure more than their own. She says she likes exploring life and meeting new people, but she hates when someone is rude. You can read all that when you open a show. Every model has a profile page, and here you can even find some photos! Even when you open a show, you can still see other thumbnails and pick something else if that show is not for you.

You can use the site for free, but paying members get more perks!

BongaCams Join

BongaCams is a free sex chat site, but what does it mean? Can you enjoy sex shows without paying a dime for real? The answer is yes; you can watch shows without paying. There are two options - you can just enter the site and open any show you want. When you choose one of the live models, the show can start for you. You do not have to click on any tab or button, no choosing memberships, no buying credits... Basically, you just do what you like. You can use the group chat option, and as a free user, you can comment on the show and the model. Here you can write anything you want, but it is essential to remember to always be respectful. Sometimes models reply to the comments or they write messages on their own. When you are a free user, you can watch what models do when they are preparing for their shows. They dance, strip, listen to music, write comments, sing, drink coffee, eat something... Every model is different. Some of them are even very racy for their free viewers as well. And you can also be a guest of the site. If you want to use most of the features, but not pay, you still have to register. If you never register, they will keep showing you a pop-up you can click on to become a member. It is very annoying because this window appears again and again! Whatever you click on, watch - it shows up after every 5 seconds. It won't be enjoyable for you to close the window constantly. Trust us, we had to go through it. So, the best option is to pay for the site's features, which is your second alternative. Once you pay, you get all the perks of this sex cam site! Paying also allows you to use the private chat option and many other treats here. When you buy credits, you can tip the models and they will do everything you like. And every model likes paying members, and the most generous users the most!

An aesthetically-pleasing site with so many features!

BongaCams Promotions

This site has a lot to offer to its members. How does it look like to land on the main page? The first thing you will probably notice are the thumbnails. They are larger than, for example, on Chaturbate, where you will see more thumbnails above the fold. Here you will only see a few shows above the fold, and these are top-rated models at that moment, or the most viewed ones. The default page is the one with cam girls. If you want boys, couples and trannies, you have to choose them first. The top of the page is where the logo of the site is. Here you will also see the search bar and the number of online users. This is always a lot of people, so you will share your favorite models with many other fap addicts. What is next? You will see the category button, promotions, and you have a link to open all models. If you choose it, they actually let you choose by the alphabet, which is cool. And you can choose to click on the history, which enables you to see all your latest searches. If you really liked a show, but you did not save the username of the model, and you do not remember it, the history page should come in handy. The models that work for BC can also compete, and we can choose the best ones. There is a tab for that, and here you can choose the queen of all queens! Opening this page also lets you see the models already awarded so far. You can read the rules to learn how to vote and pick the best workers. The last tab we can mention is the become a model tab. Do you have ambitions to work for this company? Why not try? There are also tags and some sorting options, but you cannot choose the ethnicity, age, and region like on most cam sites through them. For these options, you have to explore the categories.

They have a token system that is very in-depth, with incentives

BongaCams Contests

Even though this is a free sex cam site where you do not have to create an account, the best things come to those who are ready to invest in their pleasure. And on BC, there are many ways to help the models earn their coin. For example, you know how we mentioned that models here can compete to win prizes? Users choose the best ones and they are the queens of queens. But they do not just get these titles. Winning also means getting a bonus, and earning much more money than other models. These contests are terrific because girls try hard to put on fabulous shows just so that we pick the steamiest ones. They have to score as many points as possible. The ones with the most points get to be the best and richest! The bonuses here are not small. We are talking thousands of dollars. And every week, new girls can get their hands on that money. Now, the models also earn when we give them tips. This is actually great because to tip the babes, you have to buy the site's tokens. This system is very in-depth and works perfectly. The more you pay, the more tokens you get and more generous tips you can give to your favorite models. When you are using the site for the first site, you get the first tokens for free. Private chats are never for free users, so if you want to get to know a model here, pay for the private chat and go wild! The site also offers the spy feature if you want to be a naughty voyeur. It also costs money, though. And you have to pay for every new minute that comes.

The quality of most cams is superb!

Even though you can open a plethora of these shows for free, they are mostly HD! The quality of the shows on this site is exceptional, and most models use the best equipment. The best part is that you can choose the quality your internet can handle. It starts with 240p, and it goes up to 1080p. The models also invest in other tools to have more exciting shows. Most of them have all the sex toys they need, and they buy lingerie and special devices if that is what turns on their fans. This site does not have the interactive sex toy feature, so no Lovense Lush or anything like it. You cannot control how fast, deep and hard a model uses her sex toys. You can just sit back, watch and send your money. Many models also have Insta and Twitter accounts, but to see their usernames, you will need to pay. And we forgot to mention one more thing - only premium users can enjoy the shows in the fullscreen mode. As a free user, you cannot enlarge the model. But you can browse through other shows even when you are watching one model. You also have excellent features for the most playful users. You can throw the dice or use the wheel of fortune. They also have a slot machine and some more games, which are all sexy and fun. Maybe the site does not look as elegant as SexedChat ( and there are no stickers you can send to models, but it has its charms. The most important thing is that most shows here are of the 1080p quality, but if your internet is too slow for it, just select something less crisp.

So many pros, but there are a few cons as well

This is a phenomenal sex cam site, and you will definitely go hard when you come here. You will see a lot of nude models and their steamy shows. They share their most intimate moments with us. Some of them use toys, others strip and tease us with their provocative lingerie… Every model brings something unique to the table. And we have to admit that for a free sex chat site, they do offer a lot of things. You have those cool sexy games, the spy mode, a lot of categories and some filters to help you find specific shows. All these things are perfect! But since this is a review, and we have to be honest, we also have to tell you something about the things that could be better. For example, you can be a guest on this site. No paying, no tipping, no registering, nothing if you do not want to stick to just BC. Yet, guests here do not get the most out of the site. They should because if they do not show their best stuff to the guests, how can they make them come back? So, as a guest, you will only have a limited experience here. Not to mention that free users constantly get bombarded with that terrible pop-up! Unless you buy credits, you have to close that window every now and then. But this now and then comes very often. Many users will also have to disable their ad blocker for this experience. Okay, these were the cons. Now let’s focus on the good things once more! The site has tons of cams and they are all equally delicious. You have all genders and so many categories, and most shows are HD. The site is also easy to use!

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