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Are you into certain kinks? Maybe you like foot fetish and you are a real toe popper? If not that, maybe you are one of those folks drawn to domination and submission? There are many fetishes today that we cannot even count them. Maybe they existed before too, but our ancestors probably didn’t have sex toys as cool as the ones we have! But do you know who has hot BDSM sex toys and is always ready to put on a sex show full of kinks? The models on The Fetish!

Check Out The Fetish ( And Find Your Perfect Kink Show! Home

Yes, the name is pretty straightforward and it tells you what the site is all about right off the bat. No joking with this niche here – this sex cam site is all about the kinks! All the performers here are insanely kinky, and they are ready to show you their world. Their dungeons, their kinky toys, their weird garments… Count on everything! At this moment, it seems that the site only has cam girls. There are no trans and male models, which is a bit weird. We are used to them! If not to watch their shows, at least to know they are there. So, maybe the Fetish already gets a tiny minus for not having boys and trannies. But it looks like they plan to expand. They created this tab for girls, and there will probably be tabs for cam boys and trannies in the future. Okay, now that we pointed that out, why not see who their hotties are? There are so many girls on the main page! AnyStockingers, AnnikaRood, CamilaQuintero, KattanaBlack, and the list goes on until the very bottom of the page… Which is very far from the top! You don’t have really have pages here. Basically, you just scroll and scroll down until you are tired or bored of scrolling. There is no bottom right away – you will have to keep on clicking the ‘more shows’ button. But this says that they have so many cam girls here!

An Okay Design, With Many Cool Tools

The design of this site is a bit plain, and there are no too many colors and details that will capture your attention. But don’t worry – the site is far from boring! They have so many cool navigation tools here, that you will never say these guys are dull. Do you see their search bar? It is right above the thumbnails, so very easy to find. On the left of it, there is a tiny drop-down menu. Use it and you can sort out the shows on the site! What can you see? Their recommended shows, the most popular ones, the shows with newbies and their classics! We like it and we plan to check out all the options. The default main page is always the one with recommended shows. You know the models we mentioned a few seconds ago? These girls are all their recommended models! But if you open their newbies, you will see a few girls only. At this moment, they only have 6 newbies. ElenaSimon, AnnastasiaBeck, MicaRussel, SiennaNorwood, ZoeBrook, and CrisSpades. We gave you their correctly spelled usernames so that you can check them out. We always like to promote newbies on sex cam sites because we know how hard every beginning is. These girls deserve to make a name for themselves and get a chance to be as successful as the most popular models here. And who are these sexpots? You have many of them, so we will mention only a few girls. LindaPhilip, MarinaChaasia, VictoriaStock, and the list goes on. The ratings of these cam girls are mind-blowingly high. Some girls here have 100% ratings! Yeap, we see why they are the most popular! MarinaChaasia’s shows must be perfect because she is 100% rated and so luscious!

So Many Filters to Help You Find Your Dream Girl! Filters

Can you find your dream cam girl here? You probably can! The girl that comes right out of your kinkiest wet dreams! With so many girls that work for this company and broadcast here, it is inevitable you find many girls you like! Even if you are the pickiest person people know, here you will be satisfied. So, what is the first step of finding your dream girl? Just use the filters! We told you the search bar is above the thumbnails. On the left, you will see the recommended shows link and some other sorting options. But on the right, you have the filters. When we opened them, we were truly impressed. First of all, you can choose the language you need. There are only 5 languages, but that is better than just English, no? They have Italian, French, German, and Spanish. So, the girls here come from Europe and they are so alluring! You also have this special section, and here you can choose Birthday, New Model, HQ Quality, With Audio, Two-Way Audio, VIP Show, Story, Mobile Live, Interactive Toy, STATUS, Free and Private. Now we see they are serious! They have interactive toy features and cool sections like VIP shows and two-way audio shows! You can also choose the price, age, and ethnicity of models. Apparently, they have Asians and African models, but we will check that out a bit later, okay? When you are choosing the build and appearance type, you have skinny, BBW, shaved, hairy pussy, piercing, tattoo, stockings, and leather. You can also choose hair colors and types and breast sizes! So cool, no? They just have so many filters that, like we said, everyone will be pleased here! And there are these willingness filters. Some girls will be okay with anal sex, others will not. Cosplay, deepthroat – you have some sexy kinks here. This is a fetish site, so count on mostly kinky acts!

VIP Shows Are Must-See Shows If You Have Money to Spare

At this moment, we see they have 4 VIP shows. Now, we don’t know if they will have only 4 shows all the time, or just now. But since there are only 4 of them, let’s mention some of them! When you open a chatroom, it actually looks a lot like SexedChat. But you know how SexedChat has BDSM categories? Here all the shows are fetish shows, and the stickers you can send to models as gifts look like gifts on SexedChat, but for BDSM models only. Every chatroom has a model description and a lot of photos and maybe some clips! You can choose to view free content or premium content. We opened the first VIP show on the list, and that was AnaisLowers. This 24-year-old model likes new experiences and people, and BDSM if her big love. She likes it from all points of view and learning is something she finds fun! We sneaked a peek and saw she was really into latex. Her shows are great, and when you watch her for free, you have so many navigation tools you can use! You actually have these all the time, with all shows! There are a lot of buttons, and one of them is the ‘buy credits’ button. When you join the site for free, the models will chat and play with you. But to see the real dirt, you will have to get these credits! With credits, you will be able to tip and watch private shows. Members of this site get crystal clear streams, a plethora of models (they promise us 10000 of them online!) and you can enjoy the site on any device you like. VIP shows are not special in a way that they are better because all the shows here are superb. But these are just VIP models, and next to AnaisLowers, you have AprilDoe and more fascinating girls. We wanted to mention more models, but they went offline at one point. Maybe we could just mention April? She is a drop-dead-gorgeous redhead, and such a pro! She has a lot of premium content on this site, but her photos and clips are worth every penny! Green eyes and red hair, big breasts and a sexy butt? This woman, who is 28, is pure relish!

Interactive Toy Shows and The Models with This Feature Interactive Toy

On sex cam sites, we didn’t always have the interactive toy feature. But this has changed a lot during the last few years. Now not finding this feature is very rare. So, when you see this feature on a sex cam site, that’s no news. Still, there are still many models who don’t have interactive toys. After all, it is an investment and not everyone can or wants to afford it. On this site, we see 19 online models with this feature at the moment. Are there more? Maybe! These are some girls that we see right now – RoseDevis, WandaSilva, EvelynDergan, SaraCalypso, etc. Who is the hottest? We can’t even tell! All the babes are so enticing that splurging on them feels so natural. And the models on this page are women of different ages, who come from different countries and have various body types. It’s a diverse and rich page, even though this is only a portion of the site. Some of these shows are also VIP shows because we see AnaisLowers here! All these latex bombshells are waiting for us, and they can’t wait for their toys to vibrate. The babes have mostly ratings over 90%, so they must be top-level cam girls! Since EvelynDergan attracted us, we wanted to see what her show and chatroom looked like. She is a very confident and inviting woman, who often licks her lips very licentiously. Can we call her a latex queen? We think, so because she is in latex right now and we see a lot of her photos where she is in latex. Her premium albums cost from 10 to 20 credits, and she only has 5 premium photo albums. When can you use the interactive toy feature? When you go private with her! EvelynDergan is a girl that lets no inhibitions command her. She is free from hers, so she will do everything to please you. This sexy Domme will teach you how to enjoy your favorite kinks fully!

Joining For Free or Paying for The Shows?

Of course, we always recommend buying credits to see what the best and juiciest parts of a site are! Nothing here is extremely expensive, and to see some premium content will only cost you a few bucks. But the models have to earn, so why be selfish and only use the free site’s features? The Fetish is a great cam site. No, it is a phenomenal BDSM sex cam site and you have so many great tools here! The navigation is top-notch, the design is a bit bland but it is very elaborate, and you have so many stunning girls! They will agree to everything with you, especially if you are ready to tip. Some models will show you more skin for free, but you have to be lucky to find them. The more you pay, the more you can enjoy the interactive toy and VIP shows! As a free user without registration, you can’t like and comment in the chatroom and you can’t choose your favorite models. Maybe the site would be even richer and better if they added some awards. You know, to motivate the babes. But if that is their only flaw, we can still say this site is perfect! The variety, the quality of shows, the quality of the layout – everything is obviously a project that comes from professionals! And knowing there are 10000 models on just one site? That blows our minds! So, we rubber-stamp this site and all the shows! You won’t be bored here, and you always have something new to see. When you can, check out their VIP shows and the ones with interactive toys because they are the most exciting! Our next piece of advice is to just go for it!

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