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FetishGalaxy is a site that no cam porn connoisseur could ever forget! But not every pornophile will understand the appeal of this site… Only the kinky will truly appreciate it! The site is not called like this without a reason.

FetishGalaxy Is a Sex Cam Site for The Kinkier Side of The Population

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They chose this name because the models are into various fetishes. And yes, this is a whole galaxy of fetish porn! What you can find here are professional educators, professional dominatrix videos, professional submissives, and experts! Each of these show types is worth checking out, but you will choose them based on your own preferences. If you are someone who likes to control the situations with your lover, it is obvious you need submissives. Submissive models will obey you, let you command them, control them, be your bottom lovers and do everything you ask for. And some of these subbies on this site are VioletCollins, AmelieHayes, Bigassnolimits555, and more stunning girls. SweetKissBrazil, BeckyShine, and MoniqueParker are some Dommes. Experts are babes like dirtyhooless, AlejandraRayst, and more. But don’t think you only have women here! You know that every good cam porn site has men and trans models too! So, whenever you come to this site, you can first choose if you want to see girls, boys, or trannies. No matter what gender you choose, you always have experts, subs, Doms, and models who are performing for free or they are in private videos! The site has a beautiful number of models, so you will always have so many options when you come here! It looks nice and clean, so no ads on the main page that will make you want to leave. The shows are HD, and you can see that the models invest in them. You will find models of every body type, age, ethnicity, and whatever you need. It is a diverse site that has a lot to offer. The models are nice and they are mostly smiling, so you will always feel welcome here.

Is The Site Free and What Features Does It Come With?

If you want to find a completely free sex cam site, it will be extremely difficult. No, the right word is impossible because we have never encountered anything like that. So, never expect to find a cam site where you will never have to pay for anything. What does it really mean when a site like FetishGalaxy has free shows? It means that you can open chatrooms for free, and you don’t even have to register for that. You can watch models chat with you and other users, and maybe get to know them a bit. But when you watch the models without tipping, they usually never do anything racy. No nudity, and some models don’t even wear lingerie only during these free chats. They can be fully clothed, use their phones, watch TV, drink coffee, put on makeup… But they don’t strip and show you much of their skin. So, being a free user is okay, but you can’t see the juicy things you are hoping for. And on this site, if you don’t buy credits, you can’t use the private show option. Those that don’t register can’t send messages in the chatbox. So, free and unregistered users have a limited experience on this site. This is what you can expect from most cam sites. Even when they are free, being free only means that you can see what the models look like. But every time you want a show for real, you need to tip and go private. Some models are seriously shy until they see all the cash. Nothing motivates them like money! So, the more you tip, the less shy they will be. It is how this world works. Now, the credits never cost the same on every sex cam site. And the more credits you buy, the more you will be able to tip and splurge on the site’s pay features.

What Do the Members of The Site Get?

FetishGalaxy.com Members

Since these guys mean business, you actually get a lot of things as a member. Sure, being a member here means that they will expect you to buy credits. But at least they don’t bombard their free users with their ads! You know how some sites keep throwing their pop-ups at our faces because they promote the membership plans and tokens and everything they want us to buy? Here you don’t have that! You never even see ads, which is such a refreshment! And once you do decide to become a member, the first thing that gets unlocked is sending messages to the models. Whenever you open a chatroom, you will be able to give compliments to your favorite models and more. Now, the members who don’t buy credits don’t have too many options to play with. You can ask their 24/7 support for anything, and that would be it. You can view everyone’s chatroom, and see who the related models are. If you open CarmenSexElecra, you will also see the thumbnails of 6 more trans models! For instance, EllaHardCock will be recommended to those who also watched CarmenSexElecra perform. And what happens when you buy the credits they want us to buy so bad? That is where the magic happens! You get to go private with the models, use interactive features (toys), see all their exclusive models, and tip them, and your hands are never tied! Paying members can use all the site’s features and nothing is locked for them! The site has many handy tools. You can send gifts to the models, and do you know that you can get some credits for free? New users always get these! Unfortunately, you quickly spend these credits, and you get addicted to the shows big time. So, you will probably want to continue buying credits to see more. Members of this site can also like models and rate them. There is an option to see all the recently viewed models too!

The Site Has A Few Tabs Only and No Treats Like Awards

Many cam sites have promotions, awards, and special treats for the members who come back all the time. They help you get to know the models well. For example, with awards, models compete over who will be more successful. And when the competition is stiff, they do even sexier things for the site’s users just to be noticed. So, we can expect top-level shows and models to impress us. Here there are no awards, so the models don’t have to be extra hard-working just to be better than others. Maybe that is a small disadvantage, but it doesn’t have to be. This site is already special because of its niche. Not many sex cam sites are fetish sites. Even if they have fetish shows, it is only just one category. Here all the shows are fetish shows, and they deal with various kinks. They do have something special, however. Have you heard of Candy Shows before? We have written about them in some other reviews. Not all sex cam sites have this feature. Candy Shows are free previews. You get to see a model perform before you pay for the private show! Candy Shows are free, but only to some extent. They serve to entice you, capture your attention before you choose to pay for the private show! At this moment, we are watching the Candy Show of DevilMindXXX! She is a blonde Expert on this site, and she sure is a dreamboat! Blonde, sexy, ready to strip – she is perfect! For 20 minutes of this bombshell’s show, you will have to spend 7 credits. But you can also watch her for seconds, and you have several options. You have maybe 5 seconds for a dollar or more seconds for a bit more. So, as you can see, it is nothing too expensive. Well, it is arguable, but you can probably afford it. And don’t forget that you get 40 free credits as a new user!

How Does a Model’s Profile Page Look Like?

FetishGalaxy.com Chatroom

It looks very rich and elaborate. Every profile page here has a lot of elements. Let’s start with an overview! Before anything else, you can see a thumbnail of that model you chose to open, or an animated preview of her show(s). And right below that, there is an overview. Here you can read some stats, and things like age, sexuality, ethnicity, and more. When you open DevilMindXXX, you will learn she feels like she is 30. She swings both ways and her bra size is C. You will also learn she is curvy and all her measurements. This overview part is not important to everyone, but if you like to know sizes and measurements, it comes in handy. You also learn about the babe’s sexual orientation, gender, and ethnicity. When you look to the right, this is where all the fun is! Here you have everything about the babe! You have their descriptions, how people see them, comments, likes, and dislikes… And that is not even all! You also have a tab you can open to read reviews! Yes, how did other users see the babe when they watched her shows? This is where you can find it out! You can also learn what this model does in private shows. But these are all the words of the model. The best way to actually discover it by paying for the shows! Every model also has a picture gallery. If there are 0 pics, maybe the model is still brand new. But when you open DevilMindXXX’s profile, you will see she has 62 pics. It is cool how this tab always has a picture count. And do you know what else we see now? There are awards on this site! DevilMindXXX has many of them, and you can see that when you open her awards tab! DevilMindXXX has received many awards in 2022, and at one point, she was the most popular model! You also have a tab for choosing virtual gifts to buy for models. These are stickers, and you have many options. And there is this recorded shows tab. Let’s talk about that!

Models Here Have Recorded Shows!

One of the perks for the members is this tab with recorded shows. Every time you open a model’s profile, you will see all of her or his recorded shows. Just open that tab (the last one on the menu) and you will see all the options. Unfortunately, watching these shows costs money. You will see how much each show costs. DevilMindXXX has a lot of sexy recorded shows, and some of them are more expensive. Sometimes you get to pay 2 credits for 72 hours, but there are records that cost 10 credits for 72 hours. To watch all the shows of one model, costs a lot of credits. If you want all the shows of this model, those 40 free credits won’t be enough! And as a free user without registration, you can’t even like a model. So, what is our conclusion after all of this? We see that this site has a lot to offer! It is professional, the design is nice and clean, and they have a lot of features… Everyone can enjoy here! The models are happy because their fans can send them gifts, and the users are happy because there is so much risqué content here! But is the site free? No! And if you want to get the most out of it, you need to become a member. Sure, free users can see some dirt, but that won’t be enough. And our recommendation is to just buy credits! They don’t cost an arm and a leg, so you won’t go broke if you do it. This site has our approval and we love it! We know you will too, especially when you see all their amiable and drop-dead-gorgeous cam girls, boys and trannies!

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