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How would you feel to know that there is a site where you can watch shows from sites like Cam Soda, Chaturbate, and many other free and premium cam sites, but all for free? It is not a lie and not something we only imagine... There are actually many sites where you can find free cam porn! But today we will dedicate 2000 words to one of them. Today we will talk about Fap Shows, one of our favorite free cam porn sites.

Fap Shows Is a Free Cam Porn Site Where They Add New Sex Shows Multiple Times A Day!

FapShows.com Home

The site looks like most porn tubes, with all the tabs and sections they have. The design is remarkable and modern, with no many ads that will spoil the fun. If you like sites with sleek interfaces, you will like this one for sure. Everything is so easy to find and just a click away. No one will feel like this place is complicated to navigate, and they have many sorting options and handy navigation tools. When you want to play a video, which is a recorded sex show that was live once, you have to open that video page. There are many details here, such as the rating and all kinds of community features. You can read comments and see how many users liked what you like, too. There is also the upload date of each video, so you can keep track of their uploads, and whether they add new content all the time. At this moment, they are still pretty active. They update the site every day, and the best part is it happens many times a day! Let’s say you need a fresh video for your morning fap sesh, but you also need something before you go to bed. You will have it – they add videos more than two times a day, so even if you have 10 fap sessions a day, you will have new content constantly! Of course, this is just the beginning. The site is still somewhat new, so they upload videos with models on trend. If you see a cam girl here, it means she is still one of the most popular searches on a certain live sex site.

Their Top-Rated Videos Are Must-See, And They Are Popular for A Reason

There is a lot going on on their top-rated page. Many of these vids are rated with 100%, so they are probably juicy enough, aren’t they? The first show on this page is Salemhex Ticket Show. Well, at least at this moment. It is a show with a 100% rating, and it is a video added 9 months ago. So, if in 9 months no one has given it lower ratings, this thing is on fire! We are not sure who this model is, and what site she comes from originally. It could be Chaturbate, Cam Soda, maybe even Only Fans. We do know that Fap Shows takes content from various sites and apps, even Instagram. But let’s see what makes users so happy when they watch this show. When you skip the ad that pops up at the very beginning, you get more than 2 hours of pure indulgence. The cam girl is very talkative and friendly, and she smiles a lot. She likes to laugh and tell jokes and she invites users to just post comments and links, and ask her to do anything they like. We see why she is so likable. Plus, now we see that it is a video taken from Cam Whores TV, and if you have experience with this site... We do not have to tell you much. If you do not, check out any review because many porn sites have reviewed this one. Now, the cam girl from this 100% rated vid is a shorty with a flat chest and short hair, but she is very nice to hang out with. It takes 10 minutes for her to get buck naked and show us all her assets. She is a hot piece of ass, a pocket Venus with a very amiable personality. And pretty much every 100% rated show here is a show with a chatty, easy-going, and cheerful model.

Hubba Hubba, Sultry Couples Doing It Like There Is No Tomorrow!

FapShows.com Couple

One of our favorite tags here is the one with couples. Basically, just like you have many cam girls, you also have many cam couples here. Couples doing porn together are actually a big trend in 2022, so we want to dedicate a paragraph to this type of show. Any good live sex site has a ‘’couple’’ section or this category. Sometimes it is a category, but sometimes it is one of the several main sections (girls, boys, trannies, couples). It does not matter how and where you find it in the menu, what it matters is that couples are worth checking out. They can be very inspiring if you want to spice up your own sex life. Maybe you have many inhibitions in the bedroom, and you cannot say everything to your partner. But when you see these sexy couples, they may motivate you to reach for the moon! Here you will find couples from Chaturbate, Cam Soda, many sites of this kind, but you also have Insta and Only Fans couples and even some premium couple cams. Maybe you even find your favorite cam couple here! Here is an idea – why not use a search tool to find specific models and acts? If you do not think these categories and tags are not enough, you can always experiment with this search option. When you go to the page with couples only or any other specific tag, you will have some sorting options. You can sort the content by most relevant or viewed, top rated, longest, most commented, and most favorited. Honestly, these things do not help because we want to see it all! But let’s say you choose the latest couple cams. The admins here added new couple shows 4, 5, and 6 days ago. This means that they sometimes add new couples every day, but sometimes you wait for a few days. Not bad. With all the other categories, that is perfect. After all, you are not only going to watch couples, right? With this whole buffet of dishy shows and scrumptious models, you can go wild and experiment, live a little!

They Only Have 7 Categories, But You Will Need No More!

FapShows.com Categories

Most videos they have come from Chaturbate, and the category page will show you that. They actually have over 55000 videos from this site, which is much more than other categories. The next category with the most videos is My Free Cams, but here you will see it as MFC. Sometimes this confuses users because they do not recognize the site. Over 5000 videos come from this place. And over 4000 videos come from Only Fans. No, they actually have over 7000 videos from Premium. What is Premium? This is not really a site but a quality. These are the best videos, the ones of the highest quality, coming from various cam sites. And we have more! They have taken almost 500 vids from Many Vids, and only dozens of videos from Instagram and Cam Soda. Cam Soda has 61 vids, and the category with the fewest vids is Instagram. You have only 49 videos from this place. So, Chaturbate is definitely always the very site most free cam porn sites take from. We do not know why, considering there are so many live sex sites as good as Chaturbate. But then again, if they are partners with this behemoth, we get it. And who wouldn’t want to partner up with these folks? They rule! It is not shocking that the Chaturbate category has a rating of 87%. But do you know how many users have viewed this page? Thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands! So, 87% is a lot. Every category here has a high rating – the lowest is 85%, and this is for Only Fans, Many Vids, and Cam Soda. To us, Only Fans videos are always interesting to dive into because we all know that this app is not free. Even on Chaturbate and Cam Soda, you get to see some stuff on the house, but every part of Only Fans needs to be paid for.

Who Are the Top-Rated Cam Girls, Boys, and Couples Here? Maybe Trannies, too?

Maybe this subheading is a bit too long. Maybe we could have just said models. So, let’s see who the top-rated models here are! After all, some usernames do not even reveal to us if these are girls, boys, or trannies. The first thumbnail we see is just called Sexy. Okay, is Sexy a model’s name, or something like a playlist of all the sexy minxes here? Because if that is a model’s name, why do we see many different girls here? And by different, we mean girls of all ethnicities and body types. It is okay if this is not a model but a playlist of all the sexy babes here. For example, let’s say you like Russian smoke shows. We spotted a show with a Russian cam girl here, and in the video, she is giving a superb beej to her lover. So, this can even be a sexy couple. From Russian, and someone who is young. The video was added a year ago and it is 15 minutes long. Unfortunately, you never see the faces of this duo. Not even the girl’s face, and she is on her knees! The video starts with her pleasuring him orally, but at some point, he is the more giving one. So, if you like oral sex in general, this video will be a real treat for you! But even when he is relishing her muff, you do not see his face. Or hers. Just their bodies, but these are smoking hot! This Sexy page also has some smoldering Latinas and Ebonies, and so far, we like what we see! Most top-rated models have weird usernames or they just used a first name. Maybe not theirs, just some first name. We do not see anyone familiar, to be honest.

Their Closest Friend Is SexedChat, And You Have Some Live Show Promos

Because FS collaborates with SexedChat, you have some promos for SexedChat shows. Several girls you can watch live at any time. HannaFarina, StefieCowen, LaylaWood, and IvannaClark – these are cam girls from SC you must check out! Do you have experience with SexedChat? It is a site that resembles many other live sex sites, especially Live Jasmin. Many things are similar, but colors are different. They even have the same gift-sending systems, and credit plans. It is a site you should check out when you want premium cams. You will always find superb shows here. Let’s just show you what it looks like to open one of the models. We will click on HannaFarina. When we open her chatroom, we see that she is online right now! We can read her bio and see some free and premium content. To buy premium content, such as clips and photos, you need credits. You also use credits to send stickers and gifts. Hanna says she is a submissive girl, but very outgoing and loyal. She likes to experience new things constantly and see what new levels of pleasure feel like. This cam girl is very passionate and likes orgasming live. She seems like so much fun, but all four models here do. Lastly, be sure to check out the community tab on FS. Here you will see some comments and meet some users. Why not find some kinky soulmates when you are here already? It can be such a blast! Take advantage of the fact that this site is gratis from head to toe, and experiment with it. And even if you check out their premium partners, you do not need to pay if you do not want to.

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