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You like live sex cam sites, but you do not like paying for the shows? If that is your case, we actually have something for you. Have you ever heard of CamEmbeds? It is a porn tube, which means the site is 100% free. But why is it on our site when we tend to review only cam sites?

CamEmbeds Is a Free Site That Has Content You Usually Pay for on Sex Cam Sites! Home

Well, here is the thing – this site is all about cam shows! Yep, here you can find videos of cam girls, but unlike on sex cam sites, this place does not require any registration or buying credits to watch private shows! Because this is a site that resembles a typical xxx tube, it has pretty much the same tabs you can find on smut tubes. We will deal with all of them in this review. But first, let’s tell you what you need to know about the content. First of all, the videos here are diverse. Some are of high quality, others are SD vids. We could also mention that they like to borrow content from Chaturbate. Well, not borrow. Take. They also take from other cam sites, but a big percentage of this content comes from Chaturbate. Because of this, you will mostly find cam girls, boys, and trannies from this cam site here. Maybe you will not see the most popular and top-rated shows from famous cam sites, but what you do have here is no less hot. This site is a breath of fresh air because you do not need to register. This does not mean that you can’t, though. When you reach the bottom of the landing page, you will see their sign up and log in links. But a cool thing here is that they do not care if you sign up or don’t. You get to watch all the videos even as a guest. However, if you want to use their community features, becoming a member is a must. To like, comment, add videos to favorites, and save them for later, you need to log in to the site every time you visit it. But what does it take to sign up? All they need is your email, and that is it.

The Site’s Interface Is a Delight, So You’ll Enjoy It Here!

You know that we always like to mention all the features we think of. This site has a familiar design and layout, and the whole interface is a breeze. You will be able to find everything you like here in an instant. They did not even try to complicate anything here. Basically, you know what most porn tubes look like? With tabs such as latest, top-rated, most viewed, categories, and playlists? Some sites have even more tabs, but these are the basics. And CamEmbeds has all these elements! You can go to their latest videos to see if they still upload content. It is July 2022, and we see that they uploaded videos three weeks ago. But they uploaded pages of content back then! Apparently, they come to update the site every once in a while, but they take a break at some point and sometimes do not upload for weeks. Still, if you visit the site in August, September, or maybe December, you may see uploads from that same day. We do not know how often they put new stuff here. We do see that a lot of videos here come from Chaturbate. Their top-rated page is next. Well, you have many pages here, and some videos are from three months, and some are seven months old. That may not be important, but you know what is? You have videos of pretty much every category here! We see so many monikers here, but we do not know all these cam girls. Many videos are rated 100%, though. That says a lot. This is a section you must check out when you come to the site. Maybe you will not find your favorite cam girl here, but you will learn many new names. And all the girls are good and worth checking out, do you agree?

The Page with Their Most Viewed Videos Is Delish! Most Viewed

What you want to check out is this tab. Go to their most viewed videos to find the cream of the crop content of the site! First of all, you have so much footage here that it would take months to see it all. They do not have pages, but one endless page you need to keep scrolling down to get more vids. Second of all, do you know why we like this place a lot? They have no ads! The whole interface is very clean, with a minimum number of pop-ups. Do you know when you have some ads? When you play a video. But unlike most sites, here you only have one ad to skip to watch the video you like. So, it is only 5 seconds of having to wait, and then you can do whatever you like. This is fair. They do have to earn, so a few ads are not terrible. It would be terrible if the whole site was laden with them! And speaking of playing videos, what happens when you open a video page? You actually have many useful details here. Duration of the video, the views, when it was submitted... You will see a link to screenshots, but some videos only come with one shot. As a member of this place, you can comment on every video you want. You can also see the comments of others and the number of likes. Maybe the best part of every video page is the related videos section. Here they recommend more content for you based on what you have already liked. Because they have so much content, there will always be new videos for you to check out. Now, why is this most viewed page the best? This is what most users like the most, remember? And here you have a lot of videos that come from OnlyFans, or very similar apps. This is leaked content. When you go to OnlyFans, you have to pay for it. The good news is that here you pay for nothing! Whatever you like, it is available right away, and there are no subscriptions or any kinds of membership deals. Yet, a tiny flaw of this site is that not all videos are HQ. Also, you only get a portion of what you have on other cam sites, which means not all cam girls are here.

A Rich List of Categories Will Make Your Day! Categories

We have mentioned some reasons why we love this place. But there is more! Do you know that they have so many categories here? A whole page of all types of acts and everything you could think of. From the hair color of cam girls to their willingness level and genders, you can be very creative with these categories. Unfortunately, you cannot combine them like you can on most cam sites. This is because these are not filters, just categories. So, when you choose brunette, you cannot also choose anal or tranny. Basically, you need to pick one thing you like the most. Well, one at a time. No one says you cannot check out all the categories! A perfect thing about this page is that you can always see the video count. For instance, you have over 77000 videos from Chaturbate, and over 4500 lesbian recorded shows. Cool, no? And for some reason, there are only 2 videos labeled as Caucasian. Does that mean they only have two Caucasian cam girls here? Not really, but this category is probably not that popular so they did not use it often to label videos. Still, when you check out anal, brunette, blonde, roleplay, tranny or whatever category you like, you have all the Caucasian models you need here! Now, as we are exploring the site, we see they have over 60000 videos from OnlyFans! That is mind-blowing! But do you know what is even better? They have over 3500 vids from Instagram! And these are all risqué videos. Some of these girls are professional webcam models, others are just amateurs who like to be naked. Whatever the case is, this content is so delicious that you will want to like it more than once!

Create Your Own Playlist and See What Others Have Done with Theirs

Free tubes of smut are awesome! Playlists are one of the reasons why. This site also has a playlist page, and here you can be playful with the content. At this moment, they do not have a bunch of playlists. In fact, there is only one, but that one they have is perfect! It is a list of videos of Angelina New, and she is a blonde blue-eyed cam girl with a hot slim body. What else can we say to describe the girl? Apparently, she is into oral sex and sex toys, but are there cam girls that aren’t? And she probably invests a lot in her lingerie because these undergarments we see in her vids look so pricey! Angelina is someone’s favorite cam girl, so they made a playlist where you have all her videos that you can find on this site. But you can always use this feature to create a playlist with your favorite model! Maybe you like Rainey James, Eva Marie, or some couples? A flaw of this site could be that they do not have a section for pornstars and cam girls only. But that is a bit hard, no? First of all, we do not usually remember the names of cam girls because they use unusual usernames most of the time. Second of all, this is not really a porn site. Porn stars are not the biggest stars here. The site is entirely dedicated to cam shows, so cam girls dominate here. But if you tend to fall in love with cam girls, you should save their usernames. Here videos contain the usernames of cam girls, and maybe willingness levels. For example Andie Adams Snapchat Dildo Solo Play. You even have a search box where you can type names and acts to find specific shows.

A Site That Should Be More Popular!

When we see how many views this site has, we feel that it is underrated. This is a site with a plethora of free sex shows! You cannot find sites like this on every corner. Do you know how much someone needs to love this to spend time running a site like this? And for free! The admins only put a few ads on the site, so they probably do not even earn much from it. And yet, every category here has thousands and thousands of videos for you to check out! Maybe it is hard to have a perfect SEO in 2022, and this site needs more of it to be more popular. But if you read this review, this site is our big recommendation! It is not a live sex cam site, just a tube with free shows taken from these sex cam sites. But they do not even ask you to register. The only reason why you should consider registering is to use their community features. The community they have here is loyal, active, and friendly. You mostly see praises for the girls and couples, and no one is disrespectful. That is also asked of you. Now, the site does not have too many tabs and links, but you will like it. Nothing here is complicated and the shows are steamy and arousing. If you are very picky, maybe you should skip the SD shows. If you only care about what happens in videos, you will not mind the resolution. Having said all that, it is time to finish this review so that you can visit the site.

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