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Feeling annoyed by all those pop-ups or malware that kept you busy for hours upon hours trying to regain normal use of your computer? If you want to surf the web securely then you’ll have to take a look at the benefits of using AdBlockPlus. It is an open source nice piece of software that runs on over 100 million devices across the world. You can use it on pretty much all major browsers available at this moment: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Android and more.

You can easily install it with just one click and you can customize it based on your preferences. You can set it to block any pop-ups, popunders or banners or accept certain ones based on your needs. Besides that, you can disable the display of social media buttons on the sites you visit if you feel it’d be more comfortable for you.

There’s no reason for which you wouldn’t want to have AdBlockPlus installed especially when you get online looking to watch live sex cams. We don’t list sites with shady behaviors but whenever you visit sites you don’t know they’re 100% clean and safe to browse with AdBlockPlus.

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