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Looking for some fun on a site with live sex shows? How about Sakura Live? This is where you predominantly have Japanese dreamboats, so if you are a sucker for them, you will love it here! The site comes with so many pros and cons, and we are not going to lie – it is far from perfect!

Cam To Cam Fun with Asian Beauties on Sakura Live! Home

You may spend all your savings here and the design is everything but modern. But do you know what they have? Cam to cam shows! Yeap, and with the most beautiful Japanese girls you could ever know exist! Don’t you just love the web and how miraculous it is? Without the web, we would never be able to chat with beautiful girls from Japan. We would never be able to watch them strip for us. No paying for them to show us their buck-naked bodies. None of these things would be an option without the web! Well, without it, people who create sites of this kind, and all the cam girls who apply for a job like that! Anyway, Sakura Live is a breath of fresh air because this is a Japanese cam site. You get to see what it looks like when Japanese cam girls do it, and they do it differently. It is exotic, distinct, and something you cannot really experience on American and European porn and cam porn sites. But you know what? You actually have some European and American cam girls here, too. Not many, but just enough to call this site diverse. The site does not have too many features and a plethora of categories we find on a bunch of other cam sites. They mostly have pages of instructions, where they tell you how to use the site, buy credits, approach the cam girls, etc. The thumbnails are beautifully large, and you see the faces of the models perfectly. Their usernames are outlandish, but at least they do not have pathetic monikers, such as hornysexqueen, flaminghotgoddess, or sexaddict123. The site looks different, but it also feels different compared to everything else you have experienced so far. Well, unless you already have experience with Japanese sex cam sites.

A Site So Easy to Use, With Everything Just a Click Away!

We have experience with some Japanese porn sites, and we know how elaborate they can be. And by elaborate, we mean with a bunch of links and sections, and so many details to deal with. It takes you months to check it all out, but not here! Everything is available at just one click, or maybe two. The site is free to use if you do not want to pay a dime, but know that you will need to splash out on it if you want to get the best features. A great thing about this place is that there is translation software, so even when the models you like do not speak your language, you can still understand each other. Just translate your messages and they can do the same. Sure, the translation is far from perfect and some things may be translated incorrectly, but it is better than not understanding a single word. Do you agree? So, that is one of this site’s pros. Also, the models are incredibly beautiful. We do not know how many girls there are here, but it seems that the number is not high. No endless scrolling, or many pages to check out. From what we can see, there are not even a hundred girls here. Maybe these are girls online now? And it is actually confusing. Aren’t there a fuck ton of people in Japan? Like, half of the world? How come there are only 70 models here? We think there should be many more girls to experiment with. But at least they are all kind, friendly, and kind of submissive. We do not know if being submissive is a good thing, though. It is good only if you are into BDSM and like to be the top. To us, it does not matter at all. But the models here are insanely different from the models on sites like Chaturbate, Cam Soda, Live Jasmin, and so on.

The Private Shows Here Are So Much Fun! Private Shows

Logically, when you are on a sex cam site, you will probably be drawn to its private shows. And that is exactly what happened to us! We wanted to check out the private shows to see what to expect. Of course, to watch private shows, you need to be a premium member here. But wait, what happens when you create an account but do not buy points? Members who register for free still have some perks! You get unlimited free previews of shows, and you do not need to tip the babes if you do not want to. It would be nice, of course, but no one forces you to do it. You can also create your lists of favorite models as a member here, and enjoy 2-way video chats! Sounds exciting? And you know what? That is not even all! Members have access to remote toy shows! You also have over 21000 cam girls here to enjoy! Okay, that is a bit confusing because we only see dozens of them on the main page. But that is what it says on the checkout page. And maybe this means the whole network has this many models? After all, this is not a standalone webcam site. It is a whole network of video chat sites, and we already know DX Live is one of these sites. Now, to register here, you do not need to give them your credit card info and they do not plan to trick you into buying the tokens. You do that when you want to. Also, creating your account is very quick and easy – just give them your email and think of a password that will work. Once you do become a member, they give you 10 points for free! You can use these to see what a private show looks like here.

A Site Built on Flash, Which Is Not Cool Anymore

Why are they so old-fashioned? Couldn’t have they used more modern tools to create this site? We all know that the Japanese are innovative and they always have unique ideas that are out of this world. So, why build a site on flash? Seriously, they should keep up to date! But at least you have some helpful ways to sort out the content. No categories, which is a bummer. You do get to sort by free shows, shows started, private ones, newbies and there are some more links. For example, a link to reset the content. Or, whatever there is to reset. You also get to choose your favorite girls. Have we mentioned this is a site with cam girls only? No gays, straight dudes, and trannies. Not much diversity either. You do not even have Asians from different Asian countries – you have only Japanese babes! You know how we mentioned they had some Caucasian chicks, too? They are nearer the bottom of the page. But why would girls from other parts of the world work here, and not for, let’s say, My Free Cams? Or any other American or European sex cam site. This is a mystery. Maybe the pay here is better? It wouldn’t be surprising. After all, the competition is not too stiff considering they only have less than a hundred models. We know that on DX Live, cam girls earn up to thousands of dollars a week! And since these two cam sites are connected, the salary here is probably similar, if not even better because Sakura Live is even more famous! And you know what else we see? Mostly really young girls work here! Like, in their early twenties and even younger than that. A few models claim to be 99. Well, we know the Japanese are youthful but so freaking youthful that their century-old babes look like damn teens?? Just kidding, we know they are not really 99. They probably just left the default age when they were adding info to their profiles. Anyway, because you have so many young lovelies here, they are all so energetic and cheerful and perky and all. They are hard to resist and say no to.

No Filters and Categories, But They Do Have an Advanced Search Engine! Advanced Search

Maybe this site has no categories, but they do have some search options. Go to their search tab, and you will open their advanced engine where you can pick items to find specific types of models. You can choose the age, breast size, appearance, and there is a tiny section called miscellaneous. So, as for the age, you have options from 18 to 35+. No grannies here, but we bet even if they did have them, you wouldn’t be able to recognize them. Their grannies are so youthful that they look like being in their 30s! So, let’s say you want these 35+ babes. There are not many that we see. But they do have a bunch of barely legal teens. When you are choosing the cup size, you have from small to huge. We do not have comments about this section, but we do have comments about the next one! So, the appearance section is very confusing. They do not have items like brunette, blonde, small eyes, tall, or anything that would be logical. Instead, they have barely legal, college, MILF, and conservative. That is a bit weird, no? But this is a Japanese live sex cam site, so it is nothing like sites we are already experienced in. And what does the last section have? You can choose shows with models who have toys. And you have newbies – super new models and just new models. They have a lot of super newbies at the moment – the whole page of them! This is great because we see that they still update the site, hire new girls, and take care of it. Some of these newbies are not even shy at all! Even during their free shows, they show you their ta tas and everything you hope for.

Whose Waps Are Online This Very Second?

If you want to focus only on the models live now, go to Shows Started. Here you will see all the babes online at this very moment. When we open this page, there are so many girls and that makes us so happy! REIrere, CHISATOxx3, xxMIAxx11 – here are some suggestions for you to check out. The last girl has a profile pic that looks like some Hollywood movie! Seriously, she is gorgeous and star-like, and who knows? Maybe this is a picture stolen from a movie star in Japan? We never know with these things, but even when you open the show, the girl you will see is insanely hot. When you open someone’s chatroom, you will see some stats and info on that model. A new tab opens for you, but it is minimized. You also see which models are related to that cam girl. We see that they are offering trial packages to users who open chatrooms. You can test the site and experiment with it for free, but only for a period of time. But even during this trial, you get all the perks members of the site do! Even the features other users pay for. Still, this is a limited experience, and it serves to buy you. Do you know that only members of the site can view shows for free? As a guest, you cannot do it. At first, we thought you could, but now we realize you cannot. So, what is our impression on the whole? This is a site you should try when you get sick of the same old webcam chat sites. But only if you are a big fan of Japanese webcam girls should you go for the priciest deals!

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