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Seriously, when you come to Strip4Bit, you will see so many models here that it will blow your mind! Are these models all willing to strip for bitcoin? They sure are! They will show you everything you want to see, all their luscious assets and more, just to get richer!

Strip4Bit Is a Site with Pages and Pages of Sexy Models Who Are Naked! Home

These models are not shy, and they enjoy releasing all their inhibitions with you. It is a very addicting site, with so many great fap treats! The site doesn’t look like much and the design is not too impressive. But when you see how sexy the models are, you will not even care about that! The default main page is the one with all the girls. But this is not the only treat the site has to offer. You also have boys, couples, trannies, and lesbians. Lesbians is a separate section from girls, like lesbians weren’t girls. That’s really weird, but in a way, it’s actually a great thing. If you need lesbians, you know where to find them right away, without having to browse through straight chicks too. Now, if you are into fetishes, you actually have them here too. The site offers a variety of acts and kinks, just like it offers a variety of genders and sexual orientations. The fact that they also have pages dedicated to couples only is proof that the platform is elaborate. But not just that, they also have a number of filters and navigation tools you will find handy. You also have a search bar and here you can find all your favorite models. Or, why not just favorite them with a favorite button, and they will always be on that page? The only thing we hate here is how dated the design is. It’s 2022 and we think it should look much more modern. Do you agree? But this whole idea of a sexy bitcoin webcam chat is definitely cool! Original, innovative, and unique!

What Are The 3 Simple Steps to Get a Girl Naked Here? 3 Steps

In just 3 simple steps, they say we can get our dream girl naked here! And not just that, she will do everything for us! Everything on a live and private webcam show! Of course, this implies to boys, couples, trannies, and lesbians as well! Every model here, no matter what their gender and orientation is will get nasty here very fast. It only takes these 3 simple steps. So, what are they? The first step is to sign up. You can sign up for free here! No need to buy membership plans, no spending money just to create an account. Cool, no? It only takes one click and some typing. This will give you your very own private Bitcoin address. Now, what does all this mean exactly? This is an amateur webcam community, and people from all over the world do things for Bitcoins. Everything is anonymous, you have chatrooms, and everyone here is discreet. Can things get erotic here? They sure can! You can see boobs, pussies, dicks, and everything you like. If you choose couples, yes, you can even watch them have sex. All for Bitcoins. You don’t even need money and cash, credit cards, or PayPal – just Bitcoins. What is the second step? Just send these Bitcoins, and the site even gives you a YouTube tutorial link to do so. If you are new to this, it will come in very handy. Apart from this YouTube video, you have more links. Don’t worry, after all this, you will know how to do it! And once you send the Bitcoins, you can choose the models who will perform for you! These girls are all amateurs and they are waiting for you, probably at home, with their sex toys and provocative lingerie. Everyone here is a sight for sore eyes, and they are all friendly and always down to strip and show you everything!

Real Amateurs Coming from All Over the Globe!

The models you will see here are all amateurs. The girls, the boys, and trannies – no one here is a professional model. Even their looks will show you that. So, this site is a 100% amateur site! Do you know how rare that is? Even free sex cam sites are sites with experienced models. But here you will see real-life people, genuine amateurs. They come from all over the world! When you check out the filters, you will see what countries and ages you have at your disposal. Maybe you don’t have all the countries, but do you really need them? You don’t really have too many filters here. You know sites like SexedChat, Chaturbate, The Fetish? We have recently reviewed the Fetish, and we found so many great filters there! But here you only have a few, and you have to work with that. The filters don’t change when you choose a different gender. Girls have filters like MILF, mommy, twenties, and we though that boys page had a different set of filters. But no, they are always the same. Now, most models here are girls, and you have fewer couples, trannies, and boys. That is what you can expect on pretty much every sex cam site. Girls are the most searched for too, so that is why the default main page is only with them. The site would be much better if they added more filters. It would be cool to choose models by hair color, body type, price maybe… We actually don’t know how much each show costs here and if they all cost the same. They don’t have things like awards, VIP shows, Candy Shows, and some other details professional cam sites have. It is another thing they could add. Maybe they could give us some previews of their sexiest shows for free? They would attract a lot of users without a doubt!

Choosing By the Willingness Level Is a Cool Feature

Maybe you don’t have too many filters here, but at least you can choose the models by willingness. They still don’t have too many willingness options, but they have some basics. There is anal sex, creampie, toys, dessous, nylons, feet, fruit, vegetable, dildos, wax, uniforms, SM, and outdoor. These are all the filters they have when it comes to willingness. The first thing we notice is that these items are not like on other cam sites! Vegetable, wax? That is something you will never see on other cam sites! So, we like something new and different. We are looking forward to watching some vegetable shows! When we open the vegetable shows page, we see a lot of couples here! There are some solo models too, but mostly couples use vegetables. Models use veggies like cucumbers and other dick-shaped ones to masturbate, or fuck their partners. This page looks very interesting. We see that mostly mature couples have this tag. And some couples here are a bit weird. Young boys with cougars, who are plump. Couples with photos on a yacht, couples with masks… We have to say – seeing this page of amateurs is a weird experience if you are used to professional cam girls and boys. We even see couples who are dressed the same way, in pink outfits or old and young couples, where the girls are very young, and the dudes are oldies. All these things make the page look like some fetish sex cam site. But it isn’t – this site is mostly vanilla, with some fetish tags. Maybe this is not very nice to say, but some of these couples are not even attractive. They look weird and like they are not even for each other! We also see some gangbangs here! A chick with 3 lovers at the same time, or threesomes, but mostly with only one girl, and more dudes. There is BDSM here, so kinksters will love that! But all in all, it’s a very unusual page to look at. And this is just one tag – vegetable! If they are weird enough to use veggies for sex, they are probably weird to do other crazy things too.

What Does a Chatroom Look Like? Chatroom

Dated. Like it’s made in 1990, not nowadays. When you open a model that you are drawn to, you will see that model’s age and all the tags. No photos and clips, no free and premium content like on other sites. You don’t have much info… No, you don’t have any info! You don’t know who they are and there are no descriptions. When we opened a FM couple called CarlosxXxZoe, we could only see all their tags! But they were into a lot of things! Passionate kissing, vanilla sex, hardcore sex, titty fuck… Their about me section is interesting because they say their hobby is sex sex sex! This couple has too images and they look very cute together. They are both very attractive, and they are one of the couples that use vegetables! This is how we found them – when we opened that page. When we opened another couple, their chatroom looked richer. We read more things about them. They say they like evenings and afternoons, oral sex and jizz, traveling, swimming, and cooking. Anal sex is one of their favorite tags here because they love it! This page has more pics compared to the one of CarlosxXxZoe. So, not every chatroom looks the same on Strip4Bit. But you never know what you will get until you have already opened a chatroom. Still, you can view chatrooms before you pay for the shows. Like we said, there are no free previews here and you can’t see what it looks like when someone strips. But you can see some photos and read about the couples to find things in common. Some models don’t reveal a lot in the chatroom before you pay. They want to let you discover what you want to know after you pay and approach them. Is this a good tactic? We prefer the models who are more open like a book! We want to know who we are paying for.

Is This Site a Yay or A Nay?

Honestly, this is a site that isn’t as interesting as premium sex cam sites. Well, at least it won’t be to some people. If you are used to premium features, gifts, stickers, tips, and all kinds of tabs and sections, here you may be a bit bored. Do we like this place? Yes, but it gives us a bit weird vibes. Some models and couples here are simply outlandish. The tags are different and unique, but some are just weird. The chatrooms don’t look like anything we are used to. None of these things means we give this site a nay. On the contrary! We like it and we recommend it, it is just very different from what you may already know. If you spend a lot of time on Chaturbate, StripChat, LiveJasmin and whichever site you like, here you have to be prepared for something new. The very way they like to be paid for is not something we are used to in the porn world. But we like that this site exists and that it offers something no other site does. And we like these quirky models, couples and women, trannies and men. What are some of our suggestions? Maybe they could make the design a bit more modern. Add some animations, some free previews… It would also be cool to add something similar to Candy Shows (parts of private shows on some sites, but for free, to attract us) and it would be even better if they added more filters! Maybe even some awards, to motivate the models to put on even sexier shows? But that is just our opinion. Maybe you like the site the way it is, with all those amateurs and Bitcoins.

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